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Why Was The Dowry System Created?

Groom’s Parents are Misusing this Pure Tradition

Why Was The Dowry System Created?

Dowry system:Today, in the modern world there came about many changes with course of time, specially in the field of technology. There are many changes,Many new inventions were made. However, Still the lives of the women’s are not changed despite of so many new laws and actions.

Dowry system is followed in India since a very long time. Our ancestors had started this tradition for some valid reasons but now this is leading to the issues and problems in the society.

As we Believe that Marriage is an integral part of our society, where we get the source of joy and festivities as well as the new beginnings of our life.
But, one of the longest standing evils associated with the marriage from a woman’s point of view in the Indian society,and that in terms of Dowry system.

The idea behind the dowry system was, to make sure the bride will be financially stable after getting married. Groom’s parents are misusing this pure tradition. The intentions were very clear. Brides parents used to give money, land, assets to the bride as a “Gift” to make sure their daughter will be happy and independent after marriage. Dowry System is not an issue but the problem started when groom’s family becomes greedy and they start demanding to the bride’s family.

Does Dowry System Creating Problem ?

The dowry system is creating problems in the society. Poor families are suffering a lot .Poor parents do not get any groom who will marry their daughter without taking dowry. They use to take “Marriage Loans” and Some borrows from their relatives to get their daughter married. They do not have any other option.They cannot afford to have a girl child, and hence they are intentionally killing infant girl. More than 8000 women are killed because of the Dowry System! The cases of infanticide are increasing day by day.

Dowry System is completely injustice with women and does not give women equal status in the society. Because of dowry system men will always be superior to women. This is creating the negative thoughts among people ,creating problems between two families and also affecting the whole environment in the society.

There are so Many cases of brides being tortured physically and emotionally for not bringing enough dowry . In many cases the bride turns into her family to meet the demands of her in-laws while others end up giving their lives to end the torture.So Now the government of India should and people should take strict action against Dowry System to stop this evil practice.

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Causes of Dowry System

  1. Dowry system is a tradition.Yes,Dowry System is a tradition which has been  following since the last centuries .when the bride parents give needful or essential things at her daughter marriage so that she can survive well and can live happily. But now it becomes mandatory for everyone. Either you have money or not but you will have to give dowry. The dowry tradition still continues and increasing day by day.
  2. To build a reputation in society.Groom’s family think if they will get more dowry on marriage it will increase their reputation and people will talk good about them. In a simple world, sometimes dowry is given for show-off as well. People compare themselves to each other in their society.
  3. Greedy.A groom’s family demands the bride family or they ask the bride parents that what are the things they will give before or on marriage, as their boy (son)is doing a good job, they have good property, their son is doing a good business, they have nice reputation in the society or more reason for demanding the Dowry. If her(Bride) parents are agreed then the bride and groom get married, otherwise no relation is made.
  4. Illiteracy.Another cause of dowry system is, lack of education (Illiteracy) in the society. The dowry problem is more in undeveloped or developing countries compared with developed countries. If a girl or a boy will be well educated and working then why someone need or take dowry? Mostly the old thinking people or illiterate persons are more interested in receiving dowry.
  5. Lack of awareness about the anti-dowry laws.Many peoples are still unknown about the anti-dowry laws or many of them don’t even know that dowry system is illegal and they can take strict action against this system.

Dowry Prohibition Act is ineffective or people don’t care about this law because it is not implemented effectively. Even maybe people don’t know about the dowry System and act which is enacted to prevent the giving or taking of a dowry.

Why Was The Dowry System Created?

Effects of Dowry System

  1. Domestic Violence.Dowry is often not a one-time pay up sometimes demands but are continuously made by the Groom’s family who consider the girl’s family as a never ending source of finance. Inability by the girl’s family often leads to verbal abuse, domestic violence and even deaths. Brides being burned by the in-laws are hardly a novelty in this country.
  2. Gender inequality.Dowry System is completely injustice with women and does not give women equal status in society. Because of dowry System men will always be superior to women. Gender inequality is the social issue in India since centuries. In many parts of India, the birth of a girl child is not welcomed by some people. And this discrimination continues in every aspect. Starting from the education, health, protection or participation, the girl child’s are always treated with inequality.
  3. Female infanticide and suicides.Dowry System is the main cause of female infanticide . Many parents kills their female child on or before birth because they think they cannot afford to give dowry so they kill the girl. Many girls suicides before or after marriage just because of dowry system .
  4. Creating Financial burden.Dowry system becomes a big financial burden on parents who have daughters. The bride’s family starts collecting goods and saving money for dowry on her marriage from the day she takes birth. In many cases, her parents have to take borrow money from relatives and friends, a loan from the bank, and even they sell their property for just doing her marriage.
  5. Waste of money.Yes, it is totally a waste of money. People don’t spend money as much money on their child’s education and career as they spend on dowry and marriage expenses.


Dowry system is good as it was considered as a Tradition and the main aim or the facts behind this system was to provide support,love and affections ,safety to their daughter through Gifts unless and until it is considered as a gift given to the bride by her parents. If the groom’s parents are demanding money to get married then that should not be appreciated.The Government and the people should take strict action against this Dowry system.

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