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Why Dussehra Is Celebrated?

Dussehra is a favorite festival for most people in India

Why Dussehra Is Celebrated?

Dussehra is a public occasion. It is an excursion day for everybody, and schools and most associations are closed.

In 2020, Dussehra falls on Sunday, and a few organizations may decide to follow Sunday opening times.

Dussehra is a favorite festival for most people in India. It celebrates color, love, passion, and everything that makes you happy. It is celebrated for the victory of Truth overlie, Good over Bad, God over devils.

What do People do In Dussehra ?

Numerous individuals of the Hindu confidence watch Dussehra through extraordinary petition gatherings and food contributions to the divine beings at home or in sanctuaries all through India. They likewise hold open-air fairs (melas) and huge processions with models of Ravana (a legendary ruler of antiquated Sri Lanka). The likenesses are singed on campfires at night..

There are numerous neighborhood festivities in certain zones in India that can keep going for as long as 10 days. Neighborhood functions include:

The short story of Ramayan is shown as a play called Ramlila in Northern India.

An enormous celebration and parade including the goddess Chamundeshwari on a seat mounted on elephants in the town of Mysore in the province of Karnataka.

The gift of family and business-related apparatuses, for example, books, PCs, cooking skillet, and vehicles in the province of Karnataka.

The readiness of unique nourishments, including luchi (broiled level bread) and alur dom (rotisserie spiced potato snacks), in Bengal.

Various Hindus similarly acknowledge that it is blessed to start another undertaking, undertaking, or trip on Dussehra. They may moreover exchange enrichments of leaves from the Shami tree (Prosopis spicigera) as a picture of the record of the Pandavas kin’s untouchable in the Mahabharata stories.

Public Life 

Government workplaces, mail depots, and banks are shut in India on Dussehra. Stores and various associations and affiliations may be close or have reduced opening occasions. Those wishing to utilize public vehicles on the day may need to contact the nearby vehicle specialists to beware of schedules.


Dussehra praises the Hindu god Rama’s triumph over the devil ruler Ravana and the victory of good over fiendishness. The epic Ramayana recounts the tale of Lord Rama who wins the dazzling Sita for his significant other, just to have her carted away by Ravana, the devil ruler of Lanka.

Ravana assumes a significant function in the Ramayana. Ravana had a sister known as Shoorpanakha. She went gaga for the siblings Rama and Lakshamana and needed to wed one of them. Lakshamana wouldn’t marry her and Rama couldn’t as he was by then married to Sita and promised her that he would never marry any other woman as other Kings used to do in ancient times.

Shoorpanakha took steps to slaughter Sita so she could wed Rama. This angered Lakshamana who cut Shoorpanakha’s nose and ears. Ravana then captured Sita to fight back for his sister’s wounds. Rama and Lakshamana later took on contention to protect Sita. The monkey god Hanuman and a tremendous multitude of monkeys helped them.

The Mahabharata is another game plan of Hindu stories that expect a section in the Dussehra festivity. The Pandavas were five siblings who battled insidious powers with a lot of particular weapons. They deserted their weapons and went into banishing for one year. They concealed their weapons in a Shami tree and discovered them at a similar spot when they got back from oust. They at that point loved the tree before taking off to a battle, which they won. This epic is likewise remembered during Dussehra.


What are the symbols which show that the Dussehra is Down the corner:

Campfires and firecrackers

Paper and wood representations of Ravana.

Red spots (tika) painted between individuals’ brows.

The representations of Ravana are regularly scorched on the blazes.

What we should remember?

Our ancients and God has done a lot to build a foundation for goodness, truth, faith, love, support, trust, and save women. We should keep this in mind and make sure that we keep our legacy safe and sound. I wish everyone understands the meaning of this festival, it’s not just a festival it teaches us a lot.

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Keep reading and happy Dussehra!

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