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Whats Religion or Dharam?

Whats RelWhats Religion or Dharam?igion or Dharam?

A lot of us around the world have been born into some or other kind or religion or faith yet we somehow fail to understand it in its true means.

I am going to try and be as definitive and descriptive as I can be when I explain you exactly what Is Religion according to me and most of the scriptures around the world!

Religion is not about wearing rosery, putting tilak, wearing scarf or burkha, or turban!

Religion or Dhram is when you take time out for doing great selfless acts and good things for others! Religion is when you sacrifice your own desires to provide for others !
Religion is when you find time to help the needy and underprivileged!

Religion is when you save lives and provide for their well being !
Religion is to form an association to take care of our own and help other associations to prosper!
Religion is to come together to build a progressive, prosperous society rather then to destroying in the name of religion!

Please don’t ever think that going to religious places , doing rituals, fighting for your cause, sabotaging other people for your bhagwaan or allah is part of a  religion!
Every True religious person is the one who believe in harmony,peace , love , sharing and caring more then destruction, crimes, divide and rule, ignorance and arrogance to other religions !

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An atheist who loves the nature, take cares of everyone around him , respects his values and others views and beliefs, shares his resources with the ones who are in need , provides for helpless, saves lives or help change lives with his work is far more religious then anyone who thinks he is from a religion and thats his goddam birth right to save the religion by destroying other peoples lives, property and places !

Be a religious person in true meaning and not just for outer decoration!
For everyone who believes in their Religion or not humanity is the biggest religion  your religion is not a religion if its not human.

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