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What Should Be Followed To Stop Covid-19 Earlier ?

Ayurveda Or Allopathic For Covid-19?

What Should Be Followed To Stop Covid-19 Earlier ?


In our ancient times, Ayurveda has played a very important role in the Indian Subcontinent. Even the modern and global medicine practices are derived from Ayurveda tradition. Now, these days everyone is aware of Ayurveda, they use it or not it’s up to them. If we talk about the current situation Covid-19 as well there are the few ayurvedic herbs that help improve your immune system.

In our other posts as well we have mentioned the detailed information about what you should drink/eat in order to improve your immunity system. You can check that as well however we will be talking about the importance of Ayurveda at this time. When this COVID started spreading in India there were rumors how to cure it etc.

However, some elderly people have come to know the symptoms and get to the conclusion that we can cure it by following some steps and using some ayurvedic herbs. I am not sure if it could cure it or not however some ayurvedic herbs are helpful in case of improvement of the immune system.

As per the Govt. officials and WHO the risk of COVID is mainly for those who do not have a good immune system to support or the person who has any prior decease like cancer, asthma, diabetics, etc.

They also said we need not to panic in case we get any of the symptoms as it causes to affect your immune system in a bad way. So, if you are getting all the symptoms try to contact the Dr., officials and deal it calmly.

Let’s discuss some of the Herbs:-

Ashwagandha:- Ashwagandha reduces blood sugar, it has anti-cancer properties, it can reduce cortisol levels, it also reduces stress and anxiety which can increase muscle mass and strength and lowers cholesterol. After discussing the benefits I would like to reiterate that, it is known that these benefits are required to decrease the effect of Covid-19.

Guduchi Peepli (Giloy):- It activates the immune system, improves health also known to enhance the memory of the patients.

Ayush 64(Its ayurvedic medicine):- It is anti-malarial medicine without side effects. It has also gone for the medical trial to treat Covid-19 Patients.

Yashtimadhu (Mulethi): – If you are Indian or you know any Indian family you must be aware that Indian Grandmothers usually give you tea with Mulethi and another herb to cure throat infection, cold, and fever. It acts as an anti-acid, it has anti-inflammatory agent, it also has anti-ulcer properties It is useful in the treatment of Sore throat, and Bronchitis.

Tulsi- Tulsi has many antioxidant properties, it also works as an antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial agent. If you chew tulsi every day it reduces cancer cells in our body. Tulsi can also reduce the fever of any kind. You can drink tea with crushed tulsi leaves.

If we think about it, there is a possibility that if we work on correct salts and the amount of these herbs we may get the treatment of Covid-19


There is no requirement of any introduction to Allopathic medicines and it’s achievements. We all know it is the fastest way to treat any decease. There is medicine for almost all the decrease in the world by allopathic and if they create medicine or vaccine we can get rid of this virus very soon.

Allopathic is actually a modern medical practice which deals with decease by surgery or suppresses symptoms or ill effects of decease according to Wikipedia. This means it can reduce the effect of the decease or the cells can be removed to cure it.

As discussed the allopathic has medication for almost all the disease, everyone is hopeful and really looking forward to their achievements. As far as there is no vaccine or medicine are declared to give accurate results, however, there are a few medicines and vaccines under testing.


Ayurveda Vs Allopathic

Ayurveda Allopathic
There are herbs that can cure it. Allopathic has cured may disease.
Herbs are helping improve the immune system. Few Allopathic medicines are also improving immunity.
Ayurveda takes time to affect.  Allopathic can have a side affect.
Ayurveda does not have any vaccine so far. Allopathy may need surgery and there is not that much time for us to operate everyone at the time of the outbreak also few countries may not have enough equipment


Conclusion: – We do not suggest or force you to use any kind of medicine without consulting with your Dr. or any person who deals with Ayurveda.

We are really hopeful and if any of the medication will help everyone is more than happy to use it.  There are many medicines that are under process of testing and we are eagerly waiting for the results. The USA is testing a vaccine and also the production is also going on their guarantee as they believe they won’t be able to wait for production if the tests are successful.

Till then we would request every one to take care of yourself, make sure of hygiene, and alertness while going out. Try to stay at home as much as possible. Talk t people who are with you or your friends. Do not stress for anything it will be gone one day. Just be helpful and hopeful.

Listen to your Doctor’s and officials. Keep a track of updates going on about Covid-19

I hope the information is useful.

If you think we have missed something you can share by commenting below..



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