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What Actually The Mental Health Is?

Mental Health Could Be Good Or Bad Depending On What A Person Is Going Through.

What Actually The Mental Health Is?

Mental Health

Mental health is something which is really important and we do not speak about it.

This is something we really need to talk about, with our kids, friends, colleagues, parents, and acquaintances.The more we talk about something, the less we feel the burden.Depression, stress, and problems do not come to you considering your age, class, creed, and financial status.

We surely would have not talked about it now either but the turn which took the Bollywood these days has made it questionable. Now everyone wants to talk about it ,share the feelings and have an overview of it. If the death of the Actor Shushant Singh Rajput is due to depression then it is really important to think how mental health is important.

What Actually The Mental Health Is?

Mental health refers to how a person feels, acts, thinks, behaves, and sees things around them. Few people think mental health is something when there is a mental disorder which is absolutely incorrect. Mental health could be good or bad depending on what a person is going through. The best way to get this resolved is talk, offer help and make that person busy with something.  Depression or bad mental health cause you physical health problem as well. It can affect daily living, relationships, and physical health.

Also, the factors which affect mental health are: Environment, people around them, what they do, what they like, how they are treated, activities, and responsibility.

Their mental health is not affected by checking the background, income, age, sex and ethnicity. It could affect anyone who is not dealt with according fairly by the people around.

Mental stability is something which is important for your work life, relationship, family, or wherever you go, whomsoever you talk to. Sometimes you  affect people around you as well with your instability of mind or physical health.

What to do to cope up with the bad mental health?

  1. Talking: This is the very first step to get out of bad mental health. Talk about your feelings, things you are going through, how everyone treats you, what you don’t like, whom you don’t want to talk to, whom you want to avoid you, where you like going. I agree, you can’t talk to everyone about your feelings, or tell these things, however, there must be someone you can talk to. Please do not think what the person will think about if they really care they will help you and talking about the feelings could get you out of any situation. Sometimes we think that something is really big however when you talk about you understand that it’s not that big deal and you can fix it.
  2. Writing: If you really do not want to talk about your feeling with anyone, you can write about it. Write everything step by step. Point out the things. Write in descending orders which means the problem you think is most effecting write it at first and then less and so on. Then Write the solutions ie. Someone is bullying you, the solution to that is ignore them, and if you can’t then also they do not matter at all. Talk to a supervisor,, teacher, counselor, principal. Do not think that you will sound like a kid, it’s actually step which grown-ups take. Did you ever thought why people go to the police for a complain and do not solve it by their selves? Reason is they are grown up and they know who are hired to solve any problem. So, the answer is write the problems and solution to it. There is no problem that can’t be solved. Focus and it will be fixed.
  3. Get Help: You can also talk to a professional. You can get the contact number on google for whatever place you are in. For India: +918376804102. The website wherein you can get help for mental health for any country is: They are professionals and know how to deal with it. They may prescribe you some sort of medication. You may have to visit them once or twice a week.
  4. Yoga(Meditation): Yoga is soothing process which heal you from inside. Yoga can cure any disease and health problems hence it is effective for mental health as well. I am not saying you need to do all kind of yoga to get out of it however one form of yoga that is meditation can deal with your mental health. You can start from 9 minutes of meditation and they increase the time. Once you will start doing it, you will feel the enthusiasm throughout the day. You will be more aware of your present than past or future, which will help you see the things you want to do today not about the future or the things which has already gone.
  5. Exercise: You must have heard about a sound mind. The equation is: Healthy body + healthy mind=happy life. Exercise can help you make yourself feel healthy and when you will feel healthy you will be capable of doing whatever you want to. It will make you busy and give you some time for yourself to plan ahead.
  6. Keep yourself busy: Try to do something when you are upset or feeling low. I understand that when we feel low we want to sleep, eat, and think however that is very bad Idea. Do whatever make you feel good, like painting, singing, sketching photography etc which do not let you think about the bad experience you just had. You can also read something.
  7. Sleep Well: When you are upset/fine the most important thing is to get a sound sleep. Do not sleep 12 hours and your mind is still awake. Keep all the thought out of your mind and they try to sleep. If you are getting sound sleep even 7 hours of sleep is enough and if not you can sleep hours and it will not help.
  8. Eat well: If you love reading, you must have read “The monk who sold is Ferrari”. He has explained that our stomach is direct source to our physical health and mental health. Robin Sharma explained: We call it junk food and for your body as well it is Junk and what you will give to your body they same you will receive. If you eat junk you will think about garbage only. So you better eat healthy food which will affect your health in both way, physical and mental.

Everyone goes a lot of ups and downs and down means there is a up. Please wait for the correct time and take a jump towards the ups, Time has only one quality that it always change, either bad or good. Please focus to get rid of bad thoughts and success will touch your feet one day.

What do you think?

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