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Top 8 Food That Help You Lose Belly Fat

When We Think Of The Fight Against Our Overweight

Top 8 Food That Help You Lose Belly Fat

The biggest opponent which comes into the picture is belly fat. However, we have researched a few really good food that is tasty and helps reduce your belly fat. I would also like to share that these food are already so good that you might be eating it already.


You might don’t know that half of an avocado contains approx. 10 grams of healthy mono-saturated fats, it stops your blood pressure spikes to send messages to your body to store the fat around your midsection.

Avocado not just has healthy fat that helps you fight against belly fat it also helps our body to absorb: carotenoids, cancer-fighting compounds found in colorful fruits and veggies like tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and winter squash. According to a study, who eat avocado with salad absorb 15 times higher carotenoids.


A cup of yogurt increases good bacteria in your gut, removing all other bugs that help gain your weight.  You must have started imagining the tastes of Creamy Greek Yogurt, those are really tasty however they are much more than that:  In consists of carbs and protein which help stabilize the insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps store calories in the form of fat when calorie level gets too high.


This fruit consist of 422 milligrams of potassium, that helps decide your body how much belly fat can be stored around your waist, as this limits belly swelling sodium in your body.


Berries consist of antioxidants that improve blood flow due to which our muscles absorb more oxygen and it helps reveal cardio easily.You can have some yogurt and berries together before a workout to let your muscles work properly.

Chocolate Skim Milk

When you add carbohydrates and protein it helps promote your muscle building.  It is recommended to drink chocolate skim milk post-workout for better recovery. In addition to that, you are getting calcium to make your bones stronger.  Keep this in mind that Chocolate milk s not just for your kids.

Green Tea

The irony of the situation is that we believe when they advertise that there is a cream available which will let you look 10 years younger but when the same advertisement says that the green tea can improve your metabolism we ignore it.

According to a study, 3 cups a day can improve your metabolism and burn up to 30 calories. There is a compound used to make this tea that is ECGC which makes it easier to burn fat.


All the colorful citrus like oranges, red pepper can help you remove 30% of fat while exercising. This has been confirmed by Arizona State University at Mesa suggests.

You can also have a glass of water with lemon and salt after every meal which will help you reduce your belly fat.

Whole Grains

There is good news for carbs lovers.  The foods filled with fiber like oats, brown rice, etc keep your body’s insulin level low. Health adviser thinks that it helps shrink fat cells. Your body absorbs these quickly and provides you longer-lasting energy which is less in white bread ad rice.

Few other Tips

When you workout: At the time of workout, keep in mind that when you are on elliptical or on a treadmill, try to teach your body to keep your back straight, head up, and abs tight. Correct posture helps your belly lose extra calories.

When you are driving your car: Whenever you stop at a red light you can release and tighten your abs, This will help your body exactly like Kegels: This small change in your regular lifestyle can show you unimaginable results even without you noticing.

When you are at your work desk: You can give it a try at your work desk. You just need to take a breath without your stomach even noticing. Do it for 30 seconds and repeat it 5 times a day. This has been advised by one of the researchers in a study.

When you are walking Fido: You can banish your belly fat while going on a walk with your dog. Keep your backbone straight, shoulders back, and engage your abs for 5 strides and release them 5 times, do it until you get back home.

When you are going back to sleep: Lay down on your bed and place your palm on your belly button. Allow your stomach to expand while exhaling then inhale ad pull the belly button towards your spine. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat for 4 times.

Follow these steps and you will find your belly disappear.

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Happy reading, keep eating, and exercising!

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