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Top 5 Health Topics You Must Know

Stress Has Become The Most Common Phenomenon These Days

Top 5 Health Topics You Must Know

Top 5 Health Topics

These days taking care of your health is really important, and that’s why we bring you some points which are in the top 10 health-related topics. Considering U-M National College Health Assessment below are the points:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Sleep Difficulties
  4. Depression
  5. Cold, Flu, Sore, Throat

Stress and anxiety:

Stress has become the most common phenomenon these days. There are competitions everywhere and due to such pressure, people are facing stress and anxiety. Stress is not always bad, instead, sometimes it gives you the opportunity to perform better under pressure. However, if your mind keeps living in the same state of mind your body and your mind might get out of balance.

The signs that you are getting into stress are headache, irritability, nervous stomach, and disrupted sleep. If you recognize these symptoms this is the way your body tells you to stop and think about it, de-stress yourself and then start again. If you don’t your stress and anxiety can become a serious problem it can lead you to person, professional, and social disruption. It can also affect your immune system making you more inclined to disease.

The good news is that there is a solution to that and you can always recognize the symptoms and work for your health.

Difference between Anxiety and Stress:

Stress is a physical response to the problem/challenges you face on the other hand anxiety is completely a different thing, it is a kind of constant fear. It usually occurs for unidentifiable reasons or circumstances. Sometimes it is worry and anxiety become so overwhelming that it disrupts your quality of life. Excessive form of worry may reflect an anxiety disorder and it needs a different kind of treatment.

You can read our article which shows how you can deal with stress and anxiety.

Sleep Difficulties:

What is sleep difficulty, sleep disorder, or sleep problems? Sometimes we find difficulties in falling asleep, that could be any temporary reason, stress, travel, or illness in our normal routine. However, if this happens with you almost all the time and does not let you sleep, you might be suffering from a sleep disorder.

Sleep disorder is stated when you find difficulty falling asleep regularly, if you find it difficult to get enough sleep occasionally that’s normal, but it’s not normal to have the same problem regularly.

However, there is always hope. Even if you have faced this problem for a long time you can still start learning to get better sleep. You can start taking notes of your symptoms and sleeping patterns and can make changes to your day time habits and sleeping routine.

Below are the symptoms of  Sleep disorder:

  1. Feeling irritable and sleepy during day time.
  2. Finding difficulty while sitting ideal, watching TV, or reading.
  3. Fall asleep or feel tired while driving.
  4. Difficulty in concentrating.
  5. Often told by others that you look tired.
  6. React slowly
  7. Having trouble controlling your emotions.
  8. You feel you need a nap almost every day.
  9. require caffeinated beverages to keep you going.

If you experience any of the above symptoms or the more you say yes the more you likely to have a sleep disorder.

Self-help to improve your sleeping habit

You can either ignore it or fix it before it becomes a permanent issue it’s up to you. You can improve your daytime habit like do regular exercise, try to sleep at a particular time, limiting your intake of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine, and managing stress can help you get better sleep.

Develop a relaxing bedtime routine: Make sure your bedroom is quiet, cool and dark, You shouldn’t take heavy meals, lots of fluid late at night, you can take a bath, read, or listen to soothing music also you should keep your screens off at least an hour before bedtime time.

Get back to sleep when you wake up at night: It is our habit that if we wake up at night we start doing something, scrolling the feeds watching videos, etc which could lead to problem, instead we should try to sleep even if woke up at night. If you wake up at night you can always focus o your breathing, meditation, or other practices for relaxation that will help you fall asleep again.


What is Depression?

Depression is known as a mood disorder. Feeling of loss, sadness, or anger that comes in between the person’s everyday activities.

People experience different kinds of depression. It may interfere with your daily life due to which you lose time and lower productivity. It affects your relationship and some chronic health condition.


These are the disease that can cause due to depression:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity


It is normal to feel low at times sometimes. It happens to everyone that at a point of time we feel sad and, however, if you are feeling low all the time and hopeless then you could be dealing with depression.

Symptoms of Depression:-

Mood – anger, aggressiveness, irritability, anxiousness, and restlessness.

Emotional well being – feeling empty, sad, and hopeless.

Behavior – loss of interest, no longer finding pleasure in any activities, feeling tired easily, thought of suicide, excessive drinking, engaging in high-risk activities, and might be drugs.

Sexual interest – reduced sexual desire, or lack of sexual performance.

Cognitive abilities – inability to concentrate, difficulty completing tasks, delayed responses during the conversation.

Sleep Pattern – insomnia, restless sleep, excessive sleepiness, not sleeping through the night.

Physical well-being-fatigue, pains, headache, digestive problems.

If you have recognized the symptoms you can work on it and fix the issue:

You should go for a depression test, there is not a single test that let you know if you are facing depression of not, your healthcare professional can diagnose it based on the symptoms and psychological evaluation. In most cases, they ask a few questions about your:

mood, appetite, sleep pattern activity level, though.

Depression can lead to other health problem and it could lead to many issues if not treated:

Weight loss/gain, physical pain, substance use problem, panic attacks, relationship problems, social isolation, thought of suicide, and self-harm.

How to treat?

It is not possible to live a life with depression, treatment can help you improve your lifestyle. You may find a combination of treatment that works best for you.

Below are the ways of treatment:-

Medication, Psychotherapy, Light therapy alternative therapies, exercise, avoid alcohol and drugs, learn how to say no, and take care of yourself.

Prevention is better than cure, and below are the ways of prevention:

Regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep, maintaining treatment, reducing stress and building strong relationships with others.

Cold, Flu, Sore, Throat

Who does not know about this illness? And nowadays it has become the biggest issue. If you are finding any of these issues it is advised to fist isolate yourself from your family members ad friends because it has always been contagious disease and since Covid-19 has taken place it has become a serious issue.

You can help yourself with home remedies and contact your Dr. health professionals so that it can be cured before it becomes noncurable.

This is all from my side if you find anything missing you can comment down below. And also share someone who needs this.

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