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This Covid-19 Has Showed Many Real Human

What Do You Understand By The Real Human ?

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  • What do you think of the people who think of other before thinking of themselves? Real human being isn’t it?

This Covid has showed many Real Human one of them is Swati Raval.

She is a pilot (Real Human).

She was told to rescue stranded passengers from India, she could not stop thinking about her kids and family. As returning from the flight, she could not hug her children as she has to follow social distancing norms at domestic. Even although this made her sad, she went ahead to fulfill her line of duty while the pandemic hit us hard.

We understood the sacrificing nature and once we got this story we wanted to cover it under our story section:

On March 20th, I got a call from my crew saying that I had to pilot a flight from Delhi to Rome the very next day–it was a rescue flight to get 263 Indian passengers trapped in Rome back to Delhi.

I had five seconds to reply him

And all I should reflect on consideration on became my 5-yr-old son and 18-month daughter. The memory of her falling unwell a few months back, then also I was on flight, made me hesitant. But the thought of these 263 Indians desperately waiting to go back home to their households made me agree.

So I try to be little courageous and said, ‘Yes, I will pilot this flight’. I left the following day, kissing my children, said goodbye. When my group and I boarded the flight, I found out that it became the scariest evening of my lifetime–there have been no passengers at the flight; simply 8 hours of silence.

But after the passengers in Rome boarded the flight, the vibe immediately modified. For a brief second, it felt like the pandemic by no means existed. After landing, the passengers cheered for us earlier than leaving the aircraft. A passenger even stated, “I never thought that this flight will mean so much too me, I didn’t know if I will come back or not”. I felt his excitement to be along with his circle of relatives; After all, I changed into heading lower back to mine.

After all it felt like a rescue mission, I headed home. But returning to my circle of relatives after that flight turned into exceptional. When my son ran to hug me as I entered, I needed to tell him not to touch me and tell him, ‘Mumma can’t hug you’. When my baby girl noticed me, she had a massive smile on her face as she started paddle over me–however my husband needed to pick her up and take her away. She screamed and cried and it broke my heart.

I had to follow the guidelines and isolate myself for 14 days earlier than I ought to meet both my daughters. As those 14 days were moving slowly, my daughter could not live away from me. Whenever she got a chance, she always attempts to sneak into my room. It became a sport, where I’d run and she’d try to catch me. It becomes the best way to give an explanation for the child.

But after keeping them apart for 14 days, when I got the chance to hold my kids in my arms , I felt what those passengers must have felt–an pain to be near cherished ones. And if it means that we are able to deliver families collectively, I’m geared up to pilot as many flights as it takes to carry my fellow Indians home, safe and sound.”

This story of her kind of made me cry, as I have felt the same when I got back from another city to my hometown. Once the lockdown was announced and we could not get back to our home, staying away from my parents for more than 5 days was like  hell. This would have never happened when everything was fine. Because you know your parents have options for everything.

I missed my mom so much,

Every day I would pray to god for our sound health and that we could meet soon. And once the trains and flights started to operate we did all the efforts to come back home.

Same happened with the quarantine period, we used to stay away from mom as she is diabetic and that could have been serious. As soon as that quarantine period gone, we used to sleep together. That was the best feeling and I could understand how Swati felt.

But what she has done for others is remarkable. We appreciate her and this will always be remembered as a Real Human.

I hope you like the story.

Please share your opinion and share this story to as many as you can it may help the world change to be selfless and to became the Real Human.

Keep reading and keep growing!

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