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  • New Guidlines For Covid-19


    New Guidlines For Covid-19

    Home Ministry delivers new rules with respect to Covid-19, know whether there will be a lockdown in your area? In the midst of fears of rising contamination of the Covid-19, the Union Home Ministry has given a rule with reference to a possible lockdown. within the new rules, the Ministry of Home Affairs has guided […] More

  • Norms For Gym During COVID-19

    Norms For Gym During COVID-19

    As a feature of the open rules, the general public authority has allowable the gap of gymnasiums in non-control zones with all COVID-19 precautions originated. Be that because it could, beginning at currently, there’s low footstep at exercise centers once contrasted with pre-COVID times. “60% people ar coming back. usually young women aren’t coming back. […] More

  • How To Fight Against Covid-19 During Winter ?

    How To Fight Against Covid-19 During Winter ?

    Indeed, even as we enter the 10th month of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is by all accounts no halting to the SARS-Co-V-2 infection which keeps on unleashing destruction over the world. At the hour of composing, the infection has tainted in excess of 34,168,420 individuals and near 1,018,896 individuals have just capitulated to it. While […] More

  • Why Diwali Is Celebrated?

    Why Diwali Is Celebrated?

    Diwali likewise is known as the Festival of Lights is a five days Hindu celebration. Deepawali or Diwali is the greatest Hindu celebration among all, commends the triumph of the Good over the Evil and Light over Darkness. Diwali is occurring on 14th November this year as per the Hindu lunar schedule. The word itself […] More

  • How To Get Rid Of Dog's Dandruff?

    How To Get Rid Of Dog’s Dandruff?

    There is no need to panic if your dog suffers from dandruff. There are several ways to cure and avoid such problems. More

  • New Year 2020 ..Deserves a New You !

    New Year 2020 ..Deserves a New You !

    why be afraid of change, because changes are good. The more you change your habits and patterns the more your brain expands to new horizons. More

  • Why NRC Is Necessary For The Country ?

    Why NRC Is Necessary For The Country ?

    History of NRC In fact, in the British era, people of Bihar and Bengal used to go to Assam to work in tea gardens and to cultivate the vacant land, which was opposed by the local citizens. Whichever politics was started, but this issue was not able to take a big shape. But even after […] More

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