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The First Coronavirus Case Confirmed In Chicago?

The lady is in stable condition and is clinically progressing

The First Coronavirus Case Confirmed In Chicago?


The first case of the deadly coronavirus has been affirmed in Chicago, as per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health authorities state a lady in her 60s was recently diagnosed with the mysterious disease after she got back to the home from the city of Wuhan, China on January 13. The city of 11 million individuals has since been put on lock down.

Her diagnosis denotes the second confirmed case of coronavirus in the United States. The lady reportedly didn’t have side effects during her movements, yet ‘later gave symptoms predictable novel coronavirus,’ as per Allison Arwady, Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, who said the lady was confined and hospitalized.

Arwady said the lady is in stable condition and is clinically progressing

.The US revealed its first confirmed case of the deadly disease on Tuesday after a man who came back to Snohomish County, Washington from Wuhan.

At least 26 individuals have been killed by the infection till now and many others have been sickened, provoking Wuhan and other Chinese urban areas to lock down on the evening of the Chinese New Year.

Transportation was stopped in ten urban communities in China’s Hubei area with a combined population of 33 million individuals are Friday. A week ago, US wellbeing authorities started screening travelers from Wuhan at three US air terminals in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco.

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The CDC reported that air terminals in Chicago and Atlanta were included to that rundown Tuesday.
Travelers traveling to the US from Wuhan will supposedly be compelled to enter the country through one of those five air terminals on the off chance that they wish to enter the US.

Authorities said side effects for coronavirus incorporate hacking, fever, breathing trouble and pneumonia. It is accepted that the infection spread from creatures to individuals, yet Chinese authorities said it can spread from individual to individual this week.

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