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She Leads Her Life And Others Too

This Is The Story Of A Women

She Leads Her Life And Others Too

Nisha Krishnan

Who has started her career in Media and then took a risk to start her own firm. Nisha Krishnan is an alumnus of U.S. State Department Exchange Program for”Small Business Development for Women Business Leaders” held in May 2019.She had shared her experience with the society, government and other people being a women entrepreneur. What she has gone through and how she took the challenge in Life.

Lets read hers story in her own word what she has felt and how the society took her as owner/leader or an entrepreneur:-

Eighteen years ago

My career started as a trainee journalist on a regional TV channel. As everyone knows, Kerala has a tradition to empower women so I did not face any issue starting my career in Media.  If I talk about my first  organisation, I needed to perform various roles for news production. That gave me correct idea of my profession.

Slowly and gradually I have realized that it’s not just lack of opportunity but if you are not willing to take challenges that obstruct your self development. I accepted the challenge and started my media channel Likes and share Pvt.LTD it is rub by digital media and entrepreneurs it gives you a platform to showcase your product and services.

The whole world is connected digitally and most of the people has loads of information. But if you are thinking to start a business you requires accurate program  to connect and grow. That is what you want to do. We have received good response from our peers for my self led.

As a founder and women founder I have realized that being a women I have never felt any issues. Even I have experienced more welcoming nature and more opportunities for being a women entrepreneur.

As my work structure I get to meet many women entrepreneur and leaders in various industries, I have come to an conclusion that a progressive change  is taking place in the harsh society which never accepted the fact that women even can work.

You must have heard about the government programs which are taking place to support women entrepreneurs. The support of the government is in accordance of funding, mentoring opportunities and incubation.

You get the help from some private agencies as well.

This is possible that you do not know or you are not notified about these programs though, that you are provided with these kin d of programs.

While interacting with women entrepreneur and leaders I have understood that there is no point comparing a women and men. You believe it or not women are power engines. In some areas it is still a big deal that women in leading a company, task or team.

You can’t measure a women’s success with competition but co-creation. Women have been known to have multi tasking skills and they are getting more opportunity than a men considering the current situation of Social structure.

We can understand that women are sometimes dragged down in their Life  on the name of responsibility or the restriction of their family. They had to leave their passion and dreams behind. Every girl is need to be educated and should be told the difference between her personal life goals and professional life goals.

Women can execute anything well enough. Check the atmosphere around and look at your mom, elder sister or for that matter any women. We can see that the women who have just been educated with the primary studies are doing great in terms of handling the household, that too in a given span of time. Women are usually know how to manage cash and time better that a man.

That is the reason we as a normal human being look at these woman with respect and they themselves shine as a head of organisation, or leader of the company. India is a developing country and sometimes we do not appreciate the amount of hard work a women do however to remove this kind of attitude and encourage women in India and women entrepreneurs in India, there is a slogan going on.

Beti Badhao Beti padhao.

And yes we are witnessing the change in the society in last 2 decades. You might not aware that the women are getting better facility nowadays. The women who wants to study further and become independent there is a program for that.

The best part is that, now the time has came when we see a women is not pursuing her dreams or passion there are people to react to it.

Women entrepreneurship is not something which we have started or new.

Let startups develop at a place where a good idea can be scaled up the use of generation. There are investment assets and opportunities for that. However, our society nonetheless wishes to enhance its attitude in the direction of ladies taking a management position. It occurs in  methods’ either at the extent of policy inclusion or at a familial degree.

The coverage change has made the inclusion of girls in civic bodies and the schooling of women mandatory. The loss of encouragement from households takes place by and large due to religious regulations. To conquer that, women need to take the step.

Let there be campaigns that equip them to understand their want and combat for that, and permit our media propagate the ones thoughts. I desire technology will take the lead function in opening opportunities for women when the digital media receives power, attain and accessibility, overtaking the present day space of the conventional media.

What our society requires are determined girls who are a step advance in Life and encourage every person around. Equality for ladies does not mean competing with men. Both genders are tremendous in their own manners. So, identifying one’s capacity and operating in the direction of to excel in that would be the first-rate choice a girl could choose in her Life.

I hope you liked the story.

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Written by Richa

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