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Second Wave Of Corona In Europe

The Second Wave Of Infection In Europe Is Much Worse Than The First.

Second Wave Of Corona In Europe

In the months of March, April and May, Europe reported between 35,000 and 38,000 Kovid-19 cases per day as a whole. There was a steady decline in numbers after the United States and later, India emerged as the epicenter of the epidemic. For most of June, July and August, Europe reported less than 20,000 cases a day, which was the third or fourth of India’s reports alone. In the past month, however, there has been a dramatic increase in cases in Europe.

The second wave of infection

In Europe the Corona condition is much worse than the first. According to the website database, Europe re-ported over 2.5 lakh cases in a single day. The US, which has a slightly different trajectory than Europe, is also in the midst of a second wave. Daily numbers in the US have exceeded 30,000, mostly since June, but in August and September, it was significantly lower than the 50,000-60,000 reported peak. In the current wave, the number of daily new cases has already crossed 88,000.

While the drop in temperature that has pushed the guard’s lowering may be the reason behind this renewed rise in Europe and the US, experts point to two potentially broad aspects: the Guard’s decline in numbers once it starts Decreased normal. In summer, and most activities indoors. Cold, dry air can also help the virus to live longer and remain powerful, although the evidence on that is not conclusive.

“Europe seems to have got some rest in June and July, once the numbers started coming down. People started traveling around, even for leisure. And this is what we are seeing now, that Trusted. “ Shahid Jameel, director of Trivedi School of Biosciences at Ashoka University, said that we need to know about this disorder, and there is no need for viruses to prevent it.

For example, Spain received 2.5 million visitors in July, with practically no international tourists in March, April and May. Gagandeep Kang, Christian Medical College, Vellore Travel. In the United States, the school holidays ended in late August, and colleges began functioning. We are twins from all those events, and there is a lag, which takes a little time, for the virus to multiply. So, this boom is unexpectedly unpredictable, “she said.” What is a little surprising is that these populations will be predetermined, which is believed — to be generally more aware, to do a better job in non-working. Medication intervention to control the epidemic, but it does not seem clear.

“Change in weather

Both Kang and Jamil also underscored the potential role of climate change. “As temperatures go down, more and more people live with water. In these settings the transmission of the virus becomes more effective. Therefore, when The virus was always present, increasing the effectiveness of transmission when people interact mostly in closed spaces. Such studies have shown that the possibility of infection increases during interactions in closed places, “Jamil said.

Jamil said. Australia may survive a large surge during the winter of the Southern Hemisphere due to better compliance with wearing masks. “In fact, this year, there has been a significant drop in flu cases in Australia, because people are wearing masks. In addition, the density of population is high in which the professor migrated. “We are coming out of a time when most of Europe was on vacation, and started traveling within Europe, but still, the Lower, and Australian winter occurred when people were still infected with the virus Many were afraid, and fatigue did not set in, ”he said.

Kang said that when the winters forced people to stay indoors, there was no harm in their conversation. “It is not that people are isolated at home. As would normally be the case during this time Hai, activi-winters shift in the winter and in places that are small and ventilation is not good, the virus is more likely to stick around and infect people, “she said.” Pre- A Stan Annue study published on Thursday on the print server (yet peer reviewed) shows that traveling to Europe, Partisu-Larley, Spain, may spread the virus.

It is still clear whether this is also the leading boom. A new version of the virus that harbors the se, first de-tac among people in Spain in July, has now spread to several countries in Zion. Named 20A.EU1, the version is prevalent in the UK, Switzerland. Netherlands, France and Norway. It accounts for the majority of recent infections in Europe, and was “spread across Europe by travelers and from Spain”. Also states that there was no direct evidence to suggest this new one. The disease occurred in ants faster than others or in this more s. In fact, while the new version is taking effect, it is not

Second wave in india

In India, the number of daily new cases touched a peak in mid-September, and has been steadily declining since then. On 16 September, India detected 97,894 new cases, the highest in a day for any country.

Currently, between 45,000 and 50,000 new cases are being detected. But states like Delhi and Kerala are already witnessing a new wave of infection. In fact, Delhi passing through a third wave, the havildar saw two cycles of peaks and lowered the ears – each peak being higher than the previous one. Will India also undergo a revival like Europe when there are no winters. Experts warn that the winter season increases the risk of riskfit due to the high season of festivals and air pollution.

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But Kang said there are other differences between the conditions in India and Europe. “In Europe and some other parts of the world, a lot of human activity is driven by the weather, and the prevailing climate. In most parts of India, there is a change in weather that is extreme to implement significant behavioral changes Now , Whether he said that there are some ways to protect us that we can only see and see, but it is certainly admirable.

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