Our staff’s are very creative in the field of writing and exploring .“Love and passion” according to them are the answer to all the troubles in the world.


Author 1:    Menka K

Master of Business Administration and experienced with human resource management and Business Development at various prestigious organizations, she is very much passionate of writing and exploring. She is multitasking and creative in nature.


Author 2:    Tarun Prasad k

Graduated with Bachelor of Technology ,He has a keen knowledge and passionate about Information Technology ,Web Development,Web Designing,Editing,SEO,SEM,SMO etc and many more function. He has a creative mind and lots of innovative idea’s with him.


Author 3:    Poonam S

Management Graduated and Experienced as a Human Resource Executive ,she has great idea’s on Health Tips,Beauty care tips,Home Remedies,Astro and Vastu Tips and she is a blogger for Lifestyle Category .


Author 4:    Priyanka P

Graduated with Art’s she is a food lover and ornaments designer.She love’s to explore the different type’s of food and tries to make them practically. She has made lot’s of beautiful ornament designs also and now she is writing on her own creativity.


Author 5:    Nityapriya B

Bachelor of Technology Graduated ,He is a sports lover and always wants to utilize his creative thoughts into his writing’s. He is passionate of reading stories and writing real stories ,So now he is writing for Story and sports category .


Author 5:   Ranjan Kumar D

Bachelor of Technology Graduated and experienced with civil engineering at prestigious organization, he is nature lover & love’s travel to explore the new places. He is a Creative photographer also and passionate of collecting beautiful picture’s. So now he is writing for travel blog.