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Our Thoughts

We believe that the ultimate and actual Living of this Beautiful Life is ” To identify and find the way of completing the journey between Our Dream – Wish – Need – Satisfy and Peace.”

We also know that the main reason of being unhappy ,unsatisfied life and unsuccessful life is-

  • Not having awareness of the particular matter
  • Not getting the proper and correct guidance
  • Not able to compare or analyze between good and bad
  • Not Getting any support and  accurate answer of our questions
  • Not able to find the medium where we can share the problems and find the correct solution or guide.

So After exploring the market and understanding the life style, dream’s , wishes and need’s of an individual we have come up with some unique ideas & strategy to meet your maximum expectation’s  in your day to day life. So that you can be satisfied and live your peaceful life.

Here in whizind you will find not only the unique news related to current scenario’s  but also the career guidance, Job updates, inspirational and real story to motivate you towards your beautiful life journey, heath ,beauty & fashion tips, Delicious food cooking idea’s , guide’s on tour and travel destination’s, vastu and astro tips , Youth voice platform where you can participate by sharing your opinions. Talent platform where you can show your extra curricular activities by uploading images, audio & video etc.

So here you will find the complete medium and source of all time required activities.


Our Mission

  • To Provide You the great and comfortable platform where you can participate and share your opinions & thoughts
  • To make you Aware of an ongoing scenarios in the country as well as in the world
  • To Motivate you through our inspirational story, Motivational story and Real story
  • To make you learn “How to live healthy and happy life “ by providing you the tips & suggestions


Our Vision

To create a great source and medium of bridging the gap between Dream-Wish-Need-Satisfy and Peace



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Our Team



Menka Karua


A creative mind with a passion for creating beautiful things. She has done her Master degree in Business Administration from Institute of Business Management and Research Center (IBMR), Pune University and worked in the field of Human Resource Management and Business Development Management at various prestigious organization. Menka Karua is the founder and editor of Whizind. She is very much creative and innovative person who always passionate about exploring new things by theoretically and practically.


Tarun Prasad karua

Tarun Prasad is the Chief Technology Officer and chief Editor of Whizind . Graduated with Bachelor of Technology from Gandhi Institute for Technology(GIFT), Biju Pattanaik University. He has a keen knowledge of Information Technology & Business development. He is amazing person and lots of innovative idea’s with him and  passionate of Designing, Editing, web Development , SEO, SEM, SMO etc and many more function.