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Save Our Sister

Save Our Sister is the program which was launched on 2000

Save Our Sister

What exactly comes in our mind while we hear  ” Save Our Sister”

We have heard about “Save the Children” ,”Save the girl child” and many more program in India and Many of  non- profitable organisations working to improve the lives of marginalised childrens.

They work in three core area.

  • Health nutrition-They provide health and nutrition benefits to the children coming from marginalised communities.
  • Education-Save the Children helps children with the donation money and provide them access to quality language.
  • Child protection-All the Children have the right to healthy happy and fulfilling life.

Now its time for Save Our Sister

I have personally observed  this program called “Save Our Sisters”

Save Our Sister was launched on 2000, and Save Our sister has been the pertinent issue of human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation and forced marriages exist.

Approach i could find:-

Save Our Sister adopts holistic approach with intervention in four areas:-

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Prosecution
  • Policy Advocacy

Prevention:-Addresses the root cause of trafficking at the village level by reducing vulnerability factors such as lack of opportunities, livelihoods, gender discrimination.

Process Includes:-

  • Forms a network of N.G.O at the village level, assists and build their capacity over three years to create awareness and empower vulnerable communities over three years to create awareness and empower vulnerable communities by forming groups of women, youth, adolescents and vigilance committees.
  • Key stakeholders such as local police,self governance members(e.g.Panchayat),block development officers, teachers, health workers and state transport workers are provided with training to develop appropriate attitude and understanding.
  • Prevention programme for young women residing in urban migrant slum communities through vocational training and job placement support.

Protection:-To prevent re-trafficking and enable reintegration and rehabilitation of survivors.

Process Includes:-

  • Working with existing government run shelter homes in Mumbai to provide life-skills and livelihood training to rescued girls and women.
  • Runs Sahas Kendra,a center for survivor of human trafficking to provide services of non-formal literacy,life skills coaching, recrational activities and livelihood training in beauty, stiching, tailoring,and nursing.

Prosecution:-Sensitization and training of law enforcement machinery to ensure effective implementation of law.

Process Includes:-

Capacity building workshop and training are conducted for police,prosecutors and judges in Maharashtra for proper attitudinal orientation,building knowledge and clarifying concepts of trafficking laws and procedures.

Policy advocacy:-Influencing Government policies at the state and national level.

Process Includes:-

Formed at state coordination unit with the department of women and Child Development, Maharashtra for greater co-operation among various stakeholders and institution.

The NGO’s (organisations) not only protect the girls from exploitation but also helps in rehabilitation of girls who is victims of exploitation like human trafficking, sexual abuse and also provide financial support for weaker section girls.They came through Child Welfare Commitee.

Police investigate the matter and within 24 hours Child welfare Community placed them in the shelter home. Major aim of this organisation is to protection of girls from exploitation and make girls self independent.In this organisation there are two shelter home one is for minor girls(age group-11 to 18)  known as Sahas and second is for major girls(above 18).

This organisation provides education,beauty parlour courses,tailoring,computer courses,jewellery designing.In Mumbai Save the children India has 9 centre.I had visited only 4 centre SAHAS, SAKSHAM, Turbhe and Sanpada centre.

The Turbhe and Sanpada Centre is for community girls, whose parents are financially weak.

I have visited some NGO’s to know how they are practicing with “Save Our Sister”

Work done by me and my experiences:-

During the 1st month I had mostly visited Sahas centre which is an organisation home for minor girls and understood about the organisation and observed the process of rehabilitation as I wanted to understand the state of mind of the girls.

And observed the art based therapy.I understood and observed the role of other social worker and caretaker’s that How they deal with these girls. And then I started interacting with the girls,It was a normal interaction because other social worker already told us not to ask personal question.

And sometimes I was visiting Saksham centre

The Saksham Centre is a shelter home for major girls and sexworkers and I have observed them,their activities and interacted with them.I also visited Sanpada and Turbhe centre,this centre is for community girls,who belongs to marginalised section and schools dropout girls.

In this centre,they provide beautician courses,para-nursing ,retail and sales course computer course etc.Duration of these courses are three months after that they get jobs.The main aim of this organisation is to protect girls from exploitation and make girls self independent.

I have done mobilisation to join courses at N.G.O near slum area of turbhe centre . I had visited red light area and done mobilisation near red right areas.It was very difficult to convince the girls because their parents did not allowed their girls to go outside.

And most of the girls are 8th and 10th dropout and they were migrated from U.P and Bihar,I had mobilised 10 to 15 girls in a day and convince them to join courses at N.G.O,there are many courses like beautician,para-nursing courses.

And most of the girls were interested in beautician course. I took follow up of girl,I talked with them on call to know they are joining course or not if I talk with 10 girls on call 5 girls were not interested and they didn’t respond.

During third month of fieldwork,I started getting familiar with the organisations and their process and also with other social worker’s. I have conducted activity session at Saksham centre with one of my field work partner .As i said it was the shelter home for major girls.

We had conducted activity session on the topic “Imagination”. Initially It was very difficult because they all were illiterate,so first of all we took orally.They had to tell the story individually and then everyone were repeating one sentence of that story .As some girls were from bangladesh and they didn’t understand Hindi language,so I interacted with them in bengali and second part was painting where they had to draw on the chart paper about their dreams.

After the session they gave feedback ,they said it was really fun and interesting.They also started thinking about their dreams.We told them,everyone must have dreams and you have your own rights of living the beautiful life.

Second activity session I have taken at Sahas centre it is a shelter home for minor girls.The topic of the activity session was on guessing power,they had to guess any character of the story.They all were interested and happy.and then I taught them drawing.

And the third session taken in Sahas centre on the topic positivity,I also played with them.I played passing the parcel.If the ball came towards anyone they have do some task or they have to answer the question.I asked questions like,what are your 3 good qualities? And what are your friends good qualities?

After the session they gave feedback and said “thank you,you gave opportunity to think of myself”.

I was teaching drawing,math,geography at Sahas centre and sometimes I played with them.As It is very very important to build rapport with them.


  • Activity session is very important because they express their feeling,I get to know the individuals hobbies and interest.Motivated and make them realise whatever happens to them is not their fault and they should follow their dreams.
  • And I learned how to interact with minor and major girls.
  • I learned how to mobilise and take follow up.
  • First time I had visited red light area and sexwoker’s shelter home.My attitude towards them is changed now .Earlier I thought they were different from us, since childhood we are being socialised So we see them as stigma in the society. But after visiting the shelter home and interacted with them i have changed my perception.

My Future plans :-

  • I will do case study and intervention
  • I wanted to see victim inquiry and
  • I wanted to visit court to see the process and how they came to shelter home.


I am very much glad to be part of the program called “Save Our Sister ” and love to share my experience with people


What do you think?

Written by tannushree


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