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Nirbhaya Gang Rape Verdict

Is This The Start Of New Era, Or The End Of It?

Nirbhaya Gang Rape Verdict

I hope we all remember 16th Dec 2012, the black day for the entire humanity worldwide.The incident (Nirbhaya Gang Rape )that shook all of us from the core of our hearts and it is still fresh in our memories.That day it wasn’t a mother only who lost the respect (and finally the life) of her daughter, rather every one of us lost faith in humanity. Following a huge outrage from the entire nation, all six accused of this horrific gang-rape were arrested within a week. The chief justice of India inaugurated FTC – fast track courts for speedy trial in sexual offence cases.

And today while we are reading this, it’s Feb 2020. Contrary to the word fast, it took government 8 long years to issue death warrant to all the four convicts as one was declared juvenile and the other one committed suicide.

Just think is this FAST?

This process might have made all of us feel that these criminals would never be spared but actually I feel that it made them feel more secure as they will get a feeling that it takes lots of time to punish them. It took 8 long years to come to a final verdict, which can later be postponed by multiple mercy petitions, is a slap directly on our faces.The sad part here is that our judiciary is constantly being raped through the lawyers of these convicts. They know the ins and outs of our system and are exploiting it like a cake walk.

The statement: Tareek pe Tareek actually proved to be true, not denying the fact that before giving death penalty there are lot many hearings to be done, but still 8 years? Do you think this time period would have been required, and just think about the trauma her family went through. First, it took 5-6 month to declare one of the accused as juvenile.So, from 22nd Aug 2013 FTC has begin the hearing of final verdict and on 13th Sept 2013, court awarded death penalty to all four convicts.So, what actually was happening between these years? Why did this take 8 years? Answer still not satisfying…

Does this whole scenario instill any fear in the hearts of the accused?

Well I seriously doubt. They might be in the mindset of doing a crime and easily get away as the courts will take lots of time to come to a final decision, and that can be further delayed by seeking multiple petition pleas. Rather in this scenario, the government should be crystal clear and award death penalty in shortest time span possible.

This will pass a warning message to every single citizen of our country that they will not be spared for such heinous acts ever. Convicts like Akshay still think he can seek plea for the act he has done. He and his lawyers are still trying their luck and playing with our system to postpone the date which was given after 8 years, 22nd Jan. The most hilarious part is even this date was shifted to 1st Feb 2020, and we don’t know will it further be postponed.

Last but not least, I would like to say that we can reduce Rape and sexual assault to great extend by educating entire male community in right way. We should teach everyone to respect female clan and keep in mind that they are the source of our existence and without them we cannot survive.

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Rape is not an act of bravery; it’s rather something that the cowards do.

It leaves a daunting memory in the hearts of generations to come, and instill the fear in the minds of female forever. It ruins their careers and leaves you in no shape to do face the world. So to conclude, I would like to ask this question to all of us – are we really educated and do we actually know what it means. Ask this question to yourself before asking anyone.

What do you think?

Written by akanksha


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