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New Year 2020 ..Deserves a New You !

New Year 2020 ..Deserves a New You !

Rise N Shine Fellas

This year don’t just make resolutions and goals

Change the way you look at things …be more positive and initiative taker.

Why be afraid of change, because changes are good. The more you change your habits and patterns the more your brain expands to new horizons.

A little shift in perspective changes the situation to whole new angle .

Make sure you do work on yourself to bring the necessary changes in you and your perception.

Help Change one life through selfless act“world changes when we Change”.What good does a lifetime do if you haven’t met and help change someones life for good… be it your kids, neighbors kids, people who need help or someone random! Take that leap of faith and help someone today! Trust me it will instill peace and love inside you along with the confidence of being able to do exactly what you want!

Travel more … Anywhere in this world

Travel solo, group or family.. just do it . Its not just me who is saying’s research someone who Travels someone ones in a while is able to lead more fulfilling and happy life . Its for a simple reason ones in awhile between all this chaos and clutter you need to disconnect with the world and reconnect with your self and family! ( Also once you start travelling the world is your home ) .

Donate More ….

You need to payback something to society .. to make it a better place . we talk about CSR (corporate social responsibility) in companies a lot and even say that government should do this and that! But what about each individual contribution! We have a responsibility too ! To act for society , nation, humanity as a whole. You can start by donating time , money, things or a  small as your thoughts or skills for betterment of society. But make sure you donate!

Eat healthy & Breath Deeply

Relax ..your job … your home .. your kids … your relationship…. your life everything will survive if you do … in this hostile environment . Ask me why? And I will have a 100 reasons backed by scientific facts why you need to do exactly that . Whatever the reason be fulfilling all your dreams and goals is only possible if you have a healthy body and peaceful mind! So make efforts to do just that!
The reason I m saying all of  this in beginning of year is ….if you don’t start loving your life …. for what a priceless gift it is … life will never love you back….you never know which is your last day on planet earth….. so live it full and don’t have regrets !

Forgive and forget soon …

Move on and. Enjoy the shades of life.. every lows in life makes the heights even more fantabulous!
Well as for me today it was a great morning just joined the 5 am club … that I have been trying hard to join ever since I learnt its importance! And that is my new year’s resolution for self to enjoy the morning sun every day! ( don’t miss the morning fellas ever the rising sun signifies no matter how far everyone will try to push you in darkness you will come up shining like a Sun always and forever always! )

(“3 things cannot be hidden:- The Sun , The Moon & The truth “ <Lord Budhha>)

Live Like there is No Tomorrow people & God bless you all .
loads of love

What do you think?

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