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Meet The Perfect Role Model For Every Generation

Meet The Perfect Role Model For Every Generation

4 Reasons Which Makes “Milind Soman “ The Perfect Role Model For Every Generation

With his suave looks and enviable physique, he has sauntered his way through our hearts. But if you peek through his life journey over the years, you’d realise that his arresting good looks are the last best thing about him.He became an ideal man for every 90’s girl.

The man who loves to elevate his fitness level by enduring challenges is our newfound fitness inspiration. At the age of 51, when most of the Indians figure our their retirement plans, Milind Soman has carved a niche for himself by creating new benchmarks by participating in the toughest marathons in the world.

Besides setting new fitness goals, he is shattering the glass ceiling with each passing year. As we sit and take pride in his achievements,

  Here are some of the reasons why he’s the perfect inspirational figure for every generation.

1 . For every millennial who thinks he/she is stuck professionally, Milind Soman’s life would serve as a perfect example who never shied away from switching his careers and making a living out of it.

After fairing reasonably well as an engineer, he realised that he can’t make a career out of it. He turned to modelling. This was the time when he featured in the famous Alisha Chinai’s music video. Switching to acting became an obvious choice and after oscillating between different films, he turned into a running evangelist.

Through his various career choices, Milind Soman has proved that it’s never too late to take up a new profession and make a living out of it, despite your age.

Do it because you believe in it, not because it’s good for you or someone has told you to do it. That’s how Hilary climbed Mt. Everest.

Let him be a stellar inspiration in your lives if you feel bogged down by your professional career and are scared to venture into something new! His life nudges us to explore ourselves professionally – Be fearless in discovering yourself. 

2 . He is striving hard to let Indian women participate in the marathons. 

Running has taken off in India, but the participation of women is 10% or less.” To add more weight to these sad numbers, he started a venture called Pinkathon, India’s biggest ‘woman only’ marathon. Pinkathon gained momentum after it travelled to eight cities with 75,000 women participating in it. For all the women who can’t take out time from their busy schedules, Milind Soman’s initiative will push you to make fitness a part of your life, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

3 . Even though he hasn’t been a mainstream actor, he still continues to be a role model for everyone – Through his adapting life choices and non-conventional decisions. 

He isn’t a Salman Khan whose six pack abs will beg for your attention. or, not an Irrfan Khan whose acting will make you his hardcore fan. But, Milind Soman is still a heartthrob and continues to inspire us, which goes on to show that sticking to conventional life choices doesn’t guarantee a successful life.

4 . For every person who rants about the difficulties of quitting smoking, Milind Soman’s dedication will amaze you – He used to smoke 30 cigarettes per day.

I used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day,” said Milind Soman in his India Today interview.

During those times, he was unable to run even for 50 meters. That was a huge awakening call for him and he realised he had to withdraw himself from this disgusting habit.

“Once you stop, your body rejects them; there’s no craving,” he shared. It takes immense dedication and perseverance to kick this addictive habit and Milind deserves a whole round of applause for sticking to his tough decision. We can make a list of excuses when it comes to quitting smoking.

Every time you tried to quit the disgusting habit, you found yourself standing in front of the tapdi walaa and asking for one Marlboro cigarette. The next time you find yourself falling into this trap, let this real-life incident serve as a perfect inspiration.

Milind Soman, is truly an inspiration for all of us. We are sure that his achievements and vision will act as an unflickering flame and guide us in our respective lives.


Source: Being Indian

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