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Just One Acid Splash Can Ruin A Girl’s Life

Ever Wondered How Painful One Drop Of Acid Is? 

Just One Acid Splash Can Ruin A Girl's Life


Yes! The ACID ATTACK that has become the most dangerous weapon to destroy their life. Ever wondered how painful one drop of acid is?

Then imagine falling it on your face. Yes, your face! The part that has the most crucial organs of your body… your eyes, your nose, your ears, and your mouth. Your face that held your smile and personality is shattered just in a fraction of a second.

But what was her fault that she had to face this?

Was it was her fault that wanted to live her dreams and decided to study?

Was it her fault that she ignored your abusive behavior?

Or was it her fault that she rejected your fake proposal?

Her fault was just NOTHING. It is you who turned her life to hell with so much pain and sorrow.

Dear people! It’s the time we realize that being human is more important than “human being”.

In spite of several acid attack cases, acid is being sold in India without any fear. It’s high time when we decide to take action rather than talking about the case. Acid attack is not less than murder. Ask the victims how brutally they were attacked which changed their life.

Weapon of violence

Many of acid attack cases happens every year in India. These incidents generally arise out of the rejection of undesirable male attention. Disappointed fathers, desirous lovers, jealous colleagues or those looking for revenge against a family, make women their target.

Acid has emerged as the most preferred weapon of violence against women. While it destroys the skin in a matter of seconds, no amount of corrective medical surgery can bring the skin back to normal.


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Every medical procedure costs around Dh8,000 (Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 200,000)

Attacker usually throw acid on the face, resulting in scarring, deformity and permanent injuries, like blindness for example. The treatment is a prolonged one and the victims go through several surgeries, each more painful than the one before. Scarred for life, they are criticized and feared and frequently considered responsible for the attack not just by society, but also by their own families.

This time let’s take a pledge to put a ban the acid sales in India and regulate them strictly. Though we cannot change the past, there is no doubt that we can definitely save the future from this suffering!

What do you think?

Written by satya


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