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India’s Crisis 2.0

There are three major crisis

India’s Crisis 2.0

India “Being a third world country and developing nation” we wanted this country to flourish and make a mark in the world map as a most stable,distinct and diverse country. Having said that this beautiful country is on verge of a environmental crisis , political vendettas burning the country and economic collapse and thanks to previous governments and their propoganda good deeds even the most literates of all cant see through their lies and deceit. The last time we saw such slowdown was in 1991 however we managed through that but this one looks more malaise to most of us.

I am not a fan of this current government as people call them when they talk about nation , modi or growth or show concern on national issues and security but you cant turn a blind eye to facts on ground. His present government has done brilliantly in reviving many bad debts and situations in currently but its not enough.

Modi 2.0 has done good on its manifesto promises but has been distracted alot from real issue of this countrys systematic slump due to unwanted and reoccurring cultural and religious issues in this country. The undoing of previous govt for six decades of looting systematically cannot be revived even in a decade and above that people keep choosing their governments at state levels for all the wrong reasons resulting in more wrong decisions by those governments. Above this people have been so engrosses in their lives that they forgot too about their share in all of this and their actions they need to take to revive ourselves from such crisis.

There are three major crisis Thats currently emerging in India and if not taken care of can lead to collapse of a country.

The first and most important crisis is environmental and health related.

Thanks to the current government and prime minister of modi that India is first time in decades after independence is keen on getting cleaner streets, renewable resources of energy, planting more trees and reinstating lost reserves of nature. Despite this we need a citizen level effort at all levels in this country. Make sure you don’t litter your streets, cut down trees for no reason, dont pollute waterbodies with your factories and chemical.

We have to save our water bodies, forest and air immediately so that we can sustain in near future. Delhi is brilliant example of how people who don’t pay attention to their own city are gonna live. If only everyone made an effort to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions and collectively do something about wastage around delhi the pollution wouldnt have got so worse as its now.

The second crisis is economic slowdown

Thanks to brilliant governance of previous government who loaded their personal banks and accounts from public hard earned money and granted loans to fraudulent brands owners on their prospective brand values instead of their assessed asset value like vijay Mallya, Nirav modi, jet airways, yes bank.

Even a common man knows that when bank give loans they give you that based on your assets assessed values as on that date and not as on future date or future value. And what gone wrong with these loans was that peoples money was given as free tickets to these frauds by UPA govt ministers in that time without blinking twice.

If you feel this is an false accusation then let me refresh your memory in current chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and rajasthan elections too they waived off farmer loans in a swipe for vote banks. But does someone care to ask by whoes money they did that ? It was your and mine money in banks and thus systematically breaking legs of this economy piece by piece over the years and is currently too doing same in these states. And people are calmly sleeping and voting for such politicians. If not anything else choose wisely for next generation.

The 3rd most ignored crisis is our youth generation getting misguided into dirty politics and terrorism.

If someone asked what does india had that rest of the world didnt I would say in split second that we have power of youth. young minds thats have the brilliance to lead the world , make changes and innovate new technologies and may be even find solutions for most of the earths current crisis. But its like some kind of termite has got our youth resources.

People used to say uneducated people were lured into playing dirty politics and terrorism but its not like that anymore very systematically via social media , fake news and personal messages a large population of educated, young , talented people are being targeted by some powerful peoples who by the way arent gonna get harmed in any events but will surely do make money via those events. These educated youths for some bucks , powerplay or religion have started harming their own country, people and relationships and for what?

Sweet Smell Of Success “Ayushmann Khurrana”

Discipline Is The Key To Goal Achievement!

India 2020

Its not like you will earn a name onces media highlights you and your propoganda for more than a month , they need people like you to stay valid in news industry. But what you are doing is promoting more such youth to go rouge against your own nation , hamper your own peoples property and lives, burn down your own city and your own tax paid public properties.

Ultimately leading to distruction of your own lives while you started this to may be remove a politician in highest office but guess what the stone you throw so high so that it hits his political chair is gonna land on the face of your own friend infront of you fighting for the country, for your safety. So its high time for youth to open their eyes and read more then the text or videos say you to act upon or else one day india may turn into next syria.

Hoping that we all wake up soon from this bad dream thats slowly turning into reality. As a well wisher I can only advice people to mind your own actions and repercussions before you go out and start teaching others to act differently. We all have to do our bit in saving our nations from the upcoming events that we all know but have shut our eyes too.

What do you think?

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Sweet Smell Of Success "Ayushmann Khurrana"

Sweet Smell Of Success “Ayushmann Khurrana”

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