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India 2020

Job Shortage or Insufficient skill- The Debate Continues?

India 2020

Unemployment in India is a hydra-headed monster that’s been poisoning us since ages. To be honest, we’re just searching for an honest answer as we don’t know whom to blame – Jobs unavailability or Lack of Skills. People are creating fuss about lack of jobs, but don’t you all agree that we need to do some serious introspection before pointing a finger at the current government.

This issue always becomes the favorite topic of debate for everyone

Not sparing a thought for finding out the root cause. The opposition loves to throw verbal stones at the government, but is this helping the cause and is this final solution, I seriously doubt.

Why do we refuse to look at the brighter side towards which Nation is heading i.e. urbanization, development in infrastructure, clean India project etc which too raises the employment opportunities? The current government has made a strong plan to increase the job generation process.

The numbers always show a brighter picture, so let’s check some stats that denote the actual scenario, and help us reach an amiable conclusion-

  • As per a latest UN report- India will continue to remain the world’s fastest-growing large economy in 2019 as well as in 2020, much ahead of China.
  • According to the UN’s World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) 2019, India’s GDP growth is expected to accelerate to 7.6 per cent in 2019-20 from an estimated 7.4 per cent in the current fiscal ending March 2019.
  • MUDRA loans – given to small entrepreneurs that “may have generated plenty of jobs”. 15.56 crore MUDRA loans have been disbursed amounting to over Rs 7 lakh crore and over 4 crore first-time borrowers have started their business enterprises, the Niti chief says.
  • As per trusted industry sources, private sector will generate app. 700,000 jobs this year and will also look for increase in salary by around 8%.
  • Major companies here will be the one which are Start ups and few established one. Around Five lakh new jobs will be generated in Tier I cities and remaining in Tier – II and III cities.
  • Here is more good news in store– In this year, retail and e-commerce sector will generate
  • 1,12,000 jobs followed by IT & ITeS (1,05,500), FMCG (87,500), Manufacturing (68,900), BFSI (59,700) and Healthcare (98,300), the survey said.

Now as we have seen that jobs are available in the country but let us see do we have the necessary resources amongst ourselves to fulfill the desired job requirements. In one of the interview CEO of has stated that reskilling for the existing employees will be priority this year. He has observed that the employees are having skills shortage that that’s why they shifted their focus to hire professionals with the ability to adapt to changing organizational structures.

He also added that the coming year the will focus on data literacy. Organizations will look for professionals who can read and analyze volumes of data to facilitate deeper insights and take decisions.

Is education system responsible for lack of skills?

This is not a blame game, but to be honest yes our ancient education system is somewhere responsible for the lack of skills in all of us. We have to accept that the emphasis needs to be on practical training rather than cramming and becoming bookworms.

It’s an important fact to mention here that the youth in developed countries like China are forces form an early age to develop their skills, and are indulged in some productive skill enhancement trainings so they can contribute to a brighter and well-advancing economy. Workers are trained and re-trained to create value added product. They take great interest in developing their skills as they want to become an asset for their enterprise

\Arvid Krishna:- The New CEO Of IBM

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Keeping this as a benchmark, we all should also focus on developing ourselves rather than blaming others for lack of job opportunities. So, let’s arise, awake and be the BETTER ONES so as to contribute our share for a progressively advancing community as a whole.

P.S- The opinions mentioned here are pertaining to the author’s self discretion, and are not subject to any political or financial discussions and arguments whatsoever.




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Arvind Krishna:- The New CEO Of IBM

Arvind Krishna:- The New CEO Of IBM

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