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If You Don’t Report Abuser’s You Encourage Them – Sikha Goel

If You Don't Report Abuser's You Encourage Them - Sikha Goel

And They Will Hurt More People…Said Additional Commissioner Of Police (Telangana, Hyderabad)

Not The Victims But rather The Offenders Must Fear Indian Police,

Don’t be responsible for the next incident of abuse. If you have gone through any injustice, report to police. Stop the next crime.

Universe of India’s Girls’, called attention to that the six states — Assam, Delhi-National Capital Region, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana — performed most noticeably bad on youngster sex proportion; occurrence of wrongdoing against ladies; early marriage; spousal viciousness against ladies; and working ladies, the report said.

Be that as it may, the head honchos in the state police drive says the state has propelled activities to handle wrongdoings, particularly against ladies. The quantity of cases being accounted for can’t be ascribed to ascend in wrongdoing however to police encouraging ladies not to cover up and enlist dissensions, says Shikha Goel, head of SHE Teams in the city.

“We don’t know whether the ladies (tests) spoke’s identity unfortunate casualties or is it a general recognition. In the event that the exploited people really talked, the case (contemplate) can be considered,” the officer said.

The state has been proactive in all these zone from the legislature and police end. Additionally, in expansive number of states these cases are not announced, but rather in the express the revealed cases are high and it creates the impression that the wrongdoing is high yet the reason being the police spreading attention to hold up protests.

“For kid marriage, there are independent advisory groups to handle and each police headquarters has youngster insurance officers who ventures in to counteract kid relational unions.

“To the extent wrongdoing against ladies, we have She groups and Bharosa that has made a protected domain for ladies in the city. Hyderabad has been a pioneer here,” the leader of the She Teams said.

“Telangana police is delicate and master dynamic in taking up measures to see there is a domain of wellbeing for ladies and kids,” Ms Goel said.

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