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How A Rural Scientist Has Invented To Help The Common Man.

Rural Scientist

35-year-old Rudra Narayan Mukherjee lives in Sindurpur, a small hamlet in Jharkhand’s Dhanbad district. He is popularly known in and around his village as ‘Grameen Vaigyanik’ (rural scientist) for his inventions — over 22 of them — that use technology to help battle serious social issues.

Rural Scientist

Rudra lives with his parents, elder brother, wife, and child. Being the son of a retired engineer, Rudra developed a keen interest in inventing new gadgets at a very young age and hasn’t stopped since. He told  “I have used cost-effective techniques to produce 20-22 affordable devices for different purposes. I am working on as many as 40 more ideas the world has not seen before.”
Rudra’s inventions include helmets that send distress calls to riders’ relatives, alarms that women can raise when in danger, and diapers that call toddlers’ parents in time to help them stay hygienic and comfortable. Rudra ( Rural Scientist ) has also created a range of devices for vehicles that automatically call the owner if someone tries to steal them.

To take his inventions to the larger public, Rudra has approached officials related to ‘Make in India’, CIMFR (Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad), and NIF (National Innovation Foundation) for greater support. He told the DailyPioneer , “They all ask for my ideas and technology behind the gadgets without any assurance about not getting copied or any monetary compensation. I need patents to safeguard the innovations but it costs around Rs 86,000 to acquire a single patent. It is impossible for me.”


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