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Easy Steps To Get Rid Of An Extra Weight You Put On

Most Of Us Have Put On Weight In This Quarantine.

Easy Steps To Get Rid Of An Extra Weight You Put On

As this COVID hit us hard we do not know what to do, and then only a fashion of cooking at home has started and we started eating loads and loads of food. We are not going anywhere just eating, sitting and sleeping which has affected our health in very bad way. Most of us have put on weight in this quarantine.

The people who wanted to put on weight are in good stage however those who have joined Gym, Zumba, yoga classes etc just to get rid of the extra weight are in bad condition. It is easy to say that we can do the exercise at home, but a person joins any of the classes just to get an environment and talks about the same thing.

At home while doing exercise any one can call you to help and you could be interrupted due to which next day you don’t want to do that again.

Here is the few Idea’s and things which can help you get rid of Extra weight:-

Know How to get time for exercise?

  1. If you are really dedicated exercise to you can wake up little early than everyone so that you can get free time to exercise.
  2. Go to terrace or to a park where in it takes sometimes for a people to call you, so that they can do things on their own for a while.
  3. Try to involve your family members as well with the exercise it will make is more fun and they will also busy with you exercising that there will be no disturbance.
  4. Make the exercises easy.
  5. Exercise only for half an hour or an hour so that it won’t affect your routine.Water:
    Water is beneficial for many things, your skin, hair and yes it helps you lose weight. There are different-different ways to use water in this process I will discuss the same with you.
  6. Drink 1 full glass of Lukewarm water in the morning, it helps improve your metabolism and help your body extract waste material.
  7. Black Coffee: Use Black coffee and boil the water. DDo not use sugar in it. Drink at least 1 cup of black coffee a day in the morning. 2 cup of coffee is recommended however you can start with 1. If you have problem with blood pressure please avoid this tip.
  8. Lemon water: Please use lemon water with a tea spoon salt in it after every meal. Do not mix sugar or honey into it. It helps you loose weight quickly you can see the difference within a week as well.
  9. You can drink lukewarm water whenever you can. That help you get rid off oily food you ate in a day through Urine.
  10. Drink a glass of water before eating your lunch/dinner. This helps you eat less.

Note: Please do not drink lukewarm water with lemon and honey that is well known effective way to get rid of extra weight however after doing this you may feel weakness and hence I would rather suggest you avoid this.

Few things which helps you get rid of extra weight without getting any kind of weakness.

Soyabean/Paneer: Soyabean is a best source of protein. It is recommended if you are on diet and do not want to be sick. Eat a bowl of Paneer/Soyabean. Not fried or the cooked one. You can eat it raw with just a pinch of salt. Eating raw Soyabean and Paneer is really healthy.

Dry Fruits: Dry fruit are really healthy and you must have heard about the benefits from your grandmother we all like eating dry fruits as well, however, if you want to lose weight then I would recommend you to replace your snack time snack with Almonds, kashew and fox nut. This will help you keep healthy and you will not eat anything that will help gain your weight.

According to a study it is said that most of the time when we eat any kind o snack it is not because we are hungry but just because of we want to eat something, so why not replace it with something that is healthy and have less unwanted fat.

Salad: Add a lot of salad in your food. You can add anything you like, carrot, radish, cucumber, beetroot etc. This also help you eat food less

Meals:  If we talk about meal it is really important to aggregate how to eat and how much at what time. You must be aware breakfast is the most important part of day. Eat healthy food while having breakfast. That should consist of 1 glass of milk/juice, 1 fruit, less oily and heavy food. While Lunch: 1 lentil, atleast 2 vegitables, roti and less amount of rice. And dinner should only have 1 bowl of lentil or 1 bowl of any green vegetable. A quote said: A person should eat breakfast like a Prince, lunch like a King and Dinner like a begger, we do exactly opposite. Which should not be followed to have a healthy body.

Note: Very less people know that Chapati/Rti has more fat that Rice. However, rice increases the size of your belly/tummy that is the reason people ask you to avoid it. As Roti affect full body and rice affects only tummy and no one want to show that off hence it is recommended to roti morethan rice.

Plates: Always use plates of small size, when you get to a buffet or somewhere you know that you may eat more than expected. According to studies: when we use small plates our subconscious ind think that we are eating lot because mostly it gets filled with very less amount of food.

Chew: Chew your food properly before gulping it. Even chew 2 times more every day. Like if you have habit of chewing your food for 3 times before gulping it, next day you should chew it for 5 time every bite. That increases the time of your eating and your mind think that you already had enough.

What do you think?

Written by Richa

She has completed her degree from Allahabad University and after having the keen knowledge of Digital Marketing now she is very much passionate about writing. She loves listening music and now associated with Whizind as a creative Writer.Focusing on the topics & Categories related to Travel, Health and Fitness, Fashion and Beauty, Story etc and many more.


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