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Do You Know Your Lucky Gemstone ?

Select Your Gemstone As Per Your Prediction

Do You Know Your Lucky Gemstone ?

What is Gemstone?

The Gemstones are known to hold powerful beams that battle against negative energies and help an individual to get free off these negative powers and inevitably spread satisfaction in their lives.

  1. A Gem, or Gemstone, is a type of material that is capable of being cut and polished for using in the jewelry or other ornamental applications.
  2. Gems are the most commonly made of minerals.
  3. Minerals, as you might have already know, are naturally occurring, inorganic, crystalline solids, of definite chemical composition.
  4. There are also a few ‘gemstones’ that are actually rocks or fossils, not minerals.

Choose Your Gemstone As Per Your Prediction?

  1. RUBY
    1. Ruby is symbolic of good health and vitality, makes one full of vigor and fearlessness. A strong Sun in the horoscope predicts fantastic career potential.
    2. Ruby signifies the planet Sun also known as ‘Ravi’ .
    3. The ring finger is best for ruby.
  2. PEARL
    1. A strong Moon gives mind power happiness and conserved wealth. Pearl signifies the planet Moon also known as ‘Chandra’.
    2. Generally, pearl suggested cold-related diseases and also keep the mind calm and peaceful.
    3. Pearl is good to wear in the little finger.
    1. This Gemstone blocks laziness and also fires up energies that drive a person to great heights of success.
    2. Red Coral signifies planet Mars also known as ‘Mangal’.
    3. The red coral is best for the ring finger.
    1. This Gemstone enhances intelligence and sharpens the business senses.
    2. Emerald signifies planet Mercury also known as ‘Budha’.
    3. Emerald wears in the little finger.
    1. A most auspicious gem known to promote all-round prosperity and power.
    2. This Gemstone signifies planet Jupiter also known as ‘Guru’.
    3. Yellow Sapphire Wear in Index Finger.
    1. A healthy and powerful Venus in the horoscope holds the key to a happy, beautiful as well as bountiful life; for men, an ideal & beautiful life partner.
    2. This Gemstone signifies planet Venus also known as ‘Shukra’.
    3. white sapphire is good to wear in the ring fingers.
    1. Strong gemstones that give rare perseverance and focus.
    2. It is a very strong planetary energy that gives the power to go on when others have failed.
    3. This Gemstone signifies planet Saturn also known as ‘Shani’.blue sapphire is good for middle finger also.
    1. This Gemstone relates to Rahu – a shadowy malefic but when strong can give the success of very high order. Rahu instigates changes.
    2. while change is important for growth but a negative change can mean retardation of success.
  9. CAT’S EYE .
    1. From times immemorial it has been the Gemstone that wards off ‘behind the scene’ enmities.
    2. It relates to Ketu – the most unpredictable energy in the Vedic galaxy.
    3. However, a strong Ketu gives keen understanding, great aspiration of life mission path & spiritual inclinations.
    4. A weak Ketu can mean disaster-prone life.
    5. Cat’s Eye suitable to wear in the middle finger.


Gemstones are constantly observed as puzzle stones. Some accept that it is about superstition and the impacts identified with gemstone are just a myth. So for the individuals who accept normal gemstone is just a myth, here is the logical answer of your interest.

Gemstones have old presence, and all through the antiquated period, they have been utilized noticeably as adornments to brighten the crowns, garments, and body.

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Scientific Reasons Behind Gemstone

Stones absorbs the astronomical energy from the heavenly bodies and use it on your body to give the important assistance. Gemstones get the grandiose energies of the planets as shading coded frequencies through our nearby planetary group. Which are then mixed into our body through a ring or pendant. On the off chance that you cautiously watch the shade of pearl and its comparing planet you will find the solution.

Like, blue sapphire and Saturn are Blue, emerald and Mercury are Green, yellow sapphire and Jupiter are yellow, red coral and Mars are red, pearl and Moon are white, etc. These gemstone gets the related radiation from the comparing planets and permits the specific kind of energy went through your body which makes it compelling and henceforth they fix your issues.

The majority of the Ratnas are encouraged to wear as a ring on the finger because the stone should contact your body so the vast beams(cosmic rays) can enter your body. However, these gemstones will show their genuine impact just when you pick a true stone. Furthermore, due to not picking a genuine gemstone individuals don’t get the advantage and end in doubting the impacts.

What do you think?

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