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Do You Find Yourself Alone But Happy?

The small things can get you happiness when you’re alone.

Do You Find Yourself Alone But Happy?

Now you may think it’s so weird that how can someone be happy if they’re alone! We all need some people or just one person to understand us and help us throughout our problems, but have you ever thought about what would happen if they leave you alone? How would you feel being left isolated by the people who cared for you once? Well, it is here where you realize how important it is for you to stay alone, even if you face thousands of crises.

“what would you do all alone?”

Your heart will not hesitate to ask you “what would you do all alone?” But in the end, it is you who would ask yourself “Is there anything in this world that I cannot do it alone?” Being alone has the power to make you strong to fight for any situation in your life without the help of anyone.

There are people and there will be people who wouldn’t hesitate to put you down because you’re alone, but, don’t worry! You’ll be the one who would lift yourself and start again all by yourself.
Maybe there is joy and happiness spending quality time with your near and dear ones, but ever thought how blissfully you can spend your time all by yourself!! You’ll have the freedom to do whatever calms and relaxes your mind and soul.

Rather than surrounding yourself with negative souls, gift yourself with what you love to do.
At least, in the end, you’ll have the satisfaction that you finally gave some precious time to your self.

Make yourself smart enough to avoid wasting time on people that make you feel low and dumb. That is not the real you, but you’re the strongest one to help yourself to achieve what you desire for.
Money and people won’t bring you happiness until you choose to be happy and contented. Once you’re alone you will be one to be the reason for your happiness and joy.

Yes, finally Alone but Happy!

You won’t have those negative and prejudiced people to take advantage of your positivity. Living a solitary life may seem harsh and painful, but in reality, it is exactly the opposite. You’ll slowly apprehend how small things can get you happiness when you’re alone.
Having hundreds of fake people in your life doesn’t make you strong, but your positive soul is the one that makes you strong. You become positive when you understand your weakness and learn to avoid it. Being alone not only makes you happy but teaches you to be staunch in life.

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Therefore, appreciate your loneliness, and no doubt you’ll have your control over every emotion.
You will have the chance to compete with yourself and make yourself even stronger, happier and comfortable. At first, being alone may scare you but stay in a bad company may also damage your inner-self. Happiness is the most crucial part of one’s life. Though alone, you will be happy and you’ll fall in love with your actions.


Thus, you don’t need people around you to make you feel what you want. Loving your own decisions and choices will unquestionably make you capable of dwelling life passionately.
You’ll be absolute and at the end you would be Alone but happy.

What do you think?

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