Discipline Is The Key To Goal Achievement!

Discipline is an internal force.

Discipline Is The Key To Goal Achievement!

Discipline is the key to all your goals getting achieved!

It may vary how on scale how everyone disciplines their mind and body but its important part of your journey to success!

Sometimes we don’t realize when we take decisions of restricting our minds and self from doing or going somewhere so we can focus and complete our tasks at hand or work on our goals is actually us disciplining ourselves.

Discipline for some is :

– Getting up an early morning no matter what .

-Being on time.

-Showing up to that gym class no matter what.

– Eating healthy .

– Avoiding eating junk or sweets.

– Making time for self improvement everyday.

– Taking that skill class you have been postponding no matter what.

– Not listening to the excuses of our lame mind when it comes to getting task done .

– Not procrastinating and taking immediate actions.

– Making time for important relationships in life.

-Prioritising work and life.

-Planning ahead even when we dont like planning.

– Taking the exams or test we need too.

– Doing extra studies even when we dont want to.

– Taking responsibility even when we are scared to take one.

In all of the above ways we we are disciplining our minds and the more we discipline the more that task or goals becomes achievable and easy for us making us comfortable with the thought of even doing it at first place which we thought was impossible before we started.

Discipline has two key elements Persistency and Consistency!

Persistency is when you dont see results and you still go on to achieve that goal! Most of us when we start working on a new goal, project or habits expect that things will change in the very beginning only or after day 1 of putting in effort or may be after just day 15 of doing things. What we need to understand here is at times results are happening but we can see it or feel it ourselves and many a times it takes time to see results but doesnt mean we give up.

Most are weak willed we say to achieve something but its not true you just aren’t disciplined enough and you can easily discipline your self by being persistent at the first place and never giving up on yourself .So bearing that in mind you need to keep going on even when you cant see or feel the results. What you can do instead of giving up on that goal is you can take a step back reevaluate things and analyse where you did wrong or missed , seek guidances or mentorship from people who achieved those same goals and continue your efforts in the same direction.

Consistency is the second part of discipline. Consistency is when you achieve that goal and you still strive hard to keep your level of performance at frequency. Most of us give up the minute we achieve our goals and take a rest and what actually happens is that rest extends from days to week and weeks to month and you end up at same place where you once started from. So to make sure we never fall back to ground zero we need to keep up the same level of efforts when we started after we achieved too.

And sometimes when we don’t see results or changes we want we need same level of effort to keep up our motivation too.
Without these two any and every success  you achieve will be a dim light! For a successful life you need all the above things !! Someone said it aptly that, Every overnight success is a result of years of persistence and consistency with discipline approach towards your goal!

Discipline is an intrinsic factor meaning comes from within.So what I want to say is discipline is an internal force.There is external and internal both type of discipline, but external discipline doesnt work till the internal one gets activated .We call this internal one as SELF Discipline. It comes to people when they decide to be better. Self discipline is what makes it actually work for everyone. Being your own master as said by many experts.

You decide when you can do and when you can do at your own set levels. You make priorities for yourselves and then you yourself decide how you want to go about it. For some people it comes naturally and some are trained into it by themselves or someone else.

For someone who has hard time following rules or discipline a simple way to start is reward and punishment method that most of the armies in world follow.

They make their cadets follow a regime over period of time which includes certain strict rules of diet, training and exercises throughout the day and when someone who has done it successfully gets rewarded and who fails get punished. Same psychology can be applied to self. For eg: you want to discipline yourself to wake up early.

Set your alarm and sleep 3 hours before your actually sleeping time and you will wake up with the alarm. When you wake up with alarm you can treat yourself that day with good healthy food at your breakfast or a great exercise session .If you missed the alarm and slept of skip the breakfast or punish yourself with run or walk for 1 hr .It works plus both the reward and punishment way it will benefit your body and your mind will get the signal of responding next time when alarms goes off.

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No More Overthinking !

The same technique works for every task and goal you want to achieve. You can decide for rewards to be the tasks or activities you love doing and are benefitting to you and your goal and punishment to be the things you try and skip or the hard labour you so dont wanna do in short something which is beneficial for you or your goal yet you dont wanna do it.

Hoping that this really help you in aligning your core self to to your goals and better self for future !
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