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Disability Is Just A Matter Of Perception

I Decided To Give The Exam And I Did With An Oxygen Cylinder.

Disability Is Just A Matter Of Perception

Maitri Shah was continually questioned every time for her abilities and the human beings around has no idea as to how could she accomplish something with her Disability. However, her determination to keep moving ahead in life made her alter things around her.

In her word,

“As long as I can think of, I’ve continually been on a wheelchair however it was by no means stricken me. I loved going to high school; I turned into top notch in studies! I’d have doctor appointments but then, my parents would take me to the seaside. As I never wanted my friend’s sympathy I used to tell them that I am going to picnic.

In my tenth, I worked hard for my studies–as I wanted admissions on the basis of merit not because of Disability quota; and you would be amazed to know that I was on 9th cloud when I got 95%.  But at the felicitation, everyone said–’You’ve scored 95%, regardless of your wheelchair’. I didn’t like being dealt that way (Special treatment).

So, I targeted my studies  & got admission in engineering university

in which I was  the first wheelchair scholar! The next few months have been terrific until I fell ill & had to be ventilated. My loved ones asked me to bypass my tests–Koi Chota Course Kar lo”

But adamantly I decided to give exam and I did with an oxygen cylinder. When I graduated, my Dean said, ‘Because of you, I’m assured about admitting other Disability college students.’

I have been looking ahead to get a job however within the very last round of interview, the HR stated, ‘Sorry, we wouldn’t be able to provide you a position.’ They did not have provisions for disabled human beings! I shattered. I started to feel exceptional again.

Then I thought that expecting from others that they will do something for me, I decided to start my own company and offer jobs for disabled people. Papa wasn’t sure if I can do that as he felt I was too young, but my  mother supported and said, ‘if you can make a little difference then also, do it!’

Wherever I go, people appreciated the cause but no one was ready to support financially. So, somehow I convinced my father to invest. I started to think–’What if it doesn’t workout? Or what if I lose all the money?’

But now 3 years later,

I’m glad I took the chance–we’ve provided  jobs to over 30 Disability people. When I hired a paralyzed women, she said,”I am too happy I met you, you completely changed my life.”

Today I’m pursuing my Masters & my hustle has simply all started. I won’t forestall until I incubate the subsequent Stephen Hawking!

It feels top notch when a youth from all over approach me; the most important  issue is we need to be treated equally and given equal  possibilities. None of us sees our incapacity( Disability ) as a setback–it’s handiest a matter of perception.”

This girl has also set an example against the fake feminism. These days we watch the movies and web series which shows us the feminism is fighting with a boy one every useless point, wearing short dresses, drinking alcohol and having sex as the symbol of feminism which is absolutely wrong.

I am not saying that you can’t wear short dresses  or drink alcohol, you can surely do that. It’s not feminism its what you want to do. And you have full right to do so, no one is there to stop you from doing so. However if you are talking about feminism you have to be clear about the problems and solutions.

Fight for the equal opportunity, stand by another girl who is bullied for no reason. Create opportunity.  Set up business and give jobs. Help the poor people so that they can let their girl child instead for thinking about their marriages or let them work on someone’s house.

Create  an opportunity to study , get a job and stand equal to a man is called feminism. It’s nowhere near feminism that you are doing something that you want to do on the name of feminism.

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