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Digital Marketing Trends

21st century is the century of Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is called internet marketing of products or services as we all know. With the growth of dotcom era, digital marketing has replaced the traditional way of marketing. We have seen various trends in digital marketing. Every industry is accepting this type of marketing with both hands.

Is digital marketing difficult?

Instead of answering this question directly, let me walk you through some figures:

Every minute there is an increase in the number of internet users. There are more than 4 billion internet users worldwide, who spend app. 6 hours every day on internet. Also, over 3 billion people own smartphones who are active on social media.Now these figures are substantial enough to get you glued to the immense possibilities that digital marketing holds for your business. Still having doubts, let me explain in easy term:

The indications are clear that today everyone uses internet or technology and if you want to connect with consumers and build valuable, long-term relationships, you got to build your online presence, which can be done either by website, blog or content.

Digital marketing also faces few challenges. To avoid the challenges you got to be up to date with the trends in digital marketing.

Are you worried about the digital marketing trends in 2020? Do you also bite your nails and scratch your head when you’re asked what trends you’ll follow in 2020. Well, it’s time to relax.

Below are the 10 points which will help you to grow your business in future and keep you updated with the latest trend:

  • Affiliate Marketing –

It is the process of promoting your business, product or brand on someone’s website. By doing so you will easily come in contact with customers. For doing this, you can contact the owner of any popular website who has same subject matter of content for promoting your product on his/her website.

  •  Voice Search –

The latest trend in technology is voice search. Typing looks like a tedious job for everyone. All want their job to be done easily and that’s how voice search works. Your website should have such option which facilitates the customers. These facilities increase the chance of spending more time on website.

  • Chatbox –

The chatbox is a computer program which is designed in such way that it can trigger the way humans communicate with each other, especially over the internet. It is the hat box which appears on screen and provides you fast help service and resolve any query or question in an easier manner. It provide a real time update which also helps in SMM (Social Media Marketing)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-

The process of analyzing the visitor’s behavior on a particular site and showing the best offers to satisfy their needs. All you need to do is show the visitors the best offers suited to their needs, and you’ll see them getting converted into your brand loyalists in no time.

  • Personalization –

It plays major role in improving the customer experience. Personalization will be a key as it allows the businesses to establish a man -to-man relationship with the customer. A good digital marketing strategy takes this into consideration and allows the consumer to be organized and categorize a business’ products or services.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) –

In today’s era where everyone has an access to the smart phone, most of the searches are from mobile and tablet instead of laptop and desktop. So it’s very important for every business to keep mobile-phone approach, that’s where AMP comes really handy as it not only increases the loading time of your web page but it also improves the user experience. In the recent times, AMP has expanded its wings in the area of e-commerce and advertising which is going to be crucial in 2020 as well.

  • Video –

Live-streamed video channels gave rise to a new marketing channel for the both individuals and companies worldwide. Live debates, workshops, conferences, reviews, and walk throughs are the few things which can actually change the way we see in the online marketing.

  • Data presentation and infographics –

Data in its raw form comes with great confusion also it is not easily digestible. Big Data’s are worthless if it cannot be interpreted efficiently. Consumers don’t have the patience to understand and interpret a table, values, and numbers we would offer them. Data visualization helps us to see the data better, understand it and, most importantly, to use it.

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  • SEO –

The most important factor in digital marketing is SEO. It is impossible to succeed in digital marketing world without proper SEO. It is an optimization of your website, content or blog at a higher rank on Google search result. This in turn brings more traffic towards your website.

  • Mobile Apps –

Cell phone number are becoming one of the top ways of convenient and easy engagement. They are also one of the best ways to boost customer attention and build your brand without falling prey to various hit-and-trial methods.

These were some of the various digital marketing trends that will dominate the industry in 2020. So, keep a track on them and see the magic begin. Always remember, technology changes with time, so it’s always better to be aware of latest trends and be up-to-date with them.

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