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Couple Meets For The First Time After Seven Decades

Separated In 1946, Kerala Couple Meets For The First Time After Seven Decades

Couple Meets For The First Time After Seven Decades

EK Narayanan Nambiar who is in his nineties met his first spouse, Sarada, for the first time after they got Separated in 1946, revealed NDTV. The get-together was exactly a scene from Yash Chopra’s film Veer Zara. The gathering was not a sentimental one but rather was the gathering of two spirits who were the casualties of abuse by the British and the medieval rulers. EK Narayanan Nambiar who is 93-year-old was imprisoned for taking part in the notable laborer uprising in 1946 that occurred Kavumbayi town, Kerala. He wedded Sarada who is currently 89-year-old in 1946. Narayanan and Sarada were 18 and 13 years of age individually when they got married.

The two separated soon after ten months of marriage. Narayanan and his dad Thaliyil Raman Nambiar, who drove the Kavumbayi unsettling went underground. These two were gotten following two months and imprisoned for taking an interest in the land battle. After Narayanan was imprisoned, the youthful lady was sent to her parental home as Malabar Special Police thumped at her door at odd hours looking for Narayanan and Raman.

Narayanan’s nephew disclosed to PTI that their home was scoured and set ablaze. Narayanan was sent to jail for a long time. He served his terms in three jails at Viyyur, Salem, and Kannur. In February 1950, his dad was shot dead in Salem imprison. Following a couple of years, Sarada’s family chose to wed her off to someone else. Narayanan after his discharge in 1957 got hitched also.

However, following quite a long while, Bhargavan, child of Sarada, a natural agriculturist, met a relative of Narayanan. They found that both the family had a history together. It was arranged then that the two lost couple ought to be met.

Narayanan came to Bhargavan’s house to meet Sarada. Sarada deferred to meet Narayanan, but after much coaxing, she agreed. The two were quiet for some time and kept wiping away their tears. Bhargavan’s family also arranged a ‘Sadhya'(a feast consisting of a variety of traditional vegetarian dishes) for Narayanan and the two families agreed to meet soon. Sarada was widowed 30 years ago and is lived by four of her six children.

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