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Coronavirus :- What’s The Condition In India?

A threat to Indians

Coronavirus :- What’s The Condition In India?

CoronaVirus is not a new term that we’re hearing nowadays, rather it has become a global threat. This virus, that initiated from a Chinese city named Wuhan somewhere at the start of December 2019, has set the alarm bells ringing all over the globe, and recently, it has made its presence felt in India as well. With the global death count crossing 450 and more than 22000 people getting infected, something needs to be done about this at the earliest.

So what exactly is CoronaVirus?

As per the World health Organization, Coronaviruses are a huge family of viruses that cause pneumonia like illness & substantially grows to a higher level of life-threatening diseases like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. It spread like wildfire in Wuhan and its nearby cities, and in a short time span, it completely took the form of a hydra-headed monster. It’s no surprise that most of the affected ones were from the Huanan seafood wholesale market- either they worked there or went for shopping of seafood items.

How did it actually spread?

Its assumed by scientists that it originated mainly from the seafood market of Wuhan. By the end of December 2019, China had alerted the WHO that there were several cases of Pneumonia being reported and all had almost the similar symptoms. Although there are many theories being circulated about its origin and spreading, Chinese scientists are of the opinion that it may have started in bats, then later moved on to the human race. In a recent journal published, some unnamed Chinese authorities have confirmed that the virus had more than 90% similarity to a group of SARS like coronavirus that was earlier found in bats.

What are its Symptoms?

Although its not been possible for medical authorities to determine the major symptoms, some of them include mild to harsh fever, chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, lethargy, pneumonia, acute cases may result in SARS, failure of multiple organs including kidney, lever and even death in the worst circumstances.

Can this be considered as a pandemic?

Well, the feeling amongst scientists is that as of now, it may not be apt to consider it as one. As per the World Health Organization, the worldwide spread of a disease is termed as pandemic. As per the latest stats available, coronavirus has spread its wings to about 24 countries on the world, but it’s quite far away(we hope it never touches) the prescribed mark of a total of 195 countries. That’s why almost all top countries of the world have issued advisories to their citizens not to visit China, and the ones who are already there, have been asked to come back with immediate effect and are giving utmost medical attention after they return.

What’s the condition in India?
As per trusted sources, India has reported the third case of someone affected from state of Kerala, and this time it was a medical student from Kerala who recently returned from the Wuhan university. The student has been kept in an isolated ward in Kanhangad district hospital at Kasaragod.

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How can it be prevented?

This is something we all must keeping in our minds. As per the World Health Organization, everyone must make a point to frequently wash their hands, cover their face and nose while coughing or sneezing, and especially staying well protected from the affected individuals. Having a balanced lifestyle and eating healthy is also something that the experts hint at in order to stay protected.

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