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Bullet Resistant Vehicle – India’s 1st Airport To Obtain BRVs

Delhi airport to get bullet-resistant vehicles by January-end

Bullet Resistant Vehicle

Delhi airport to get bullet resistant vehicles by January-end

A statement issued by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) claimed that Delhi airport will become the first in the country to have Bullet Resistant Vehicle (BRVs) . These vehicles will then be deployed at airports in Ahmadabad, Chennai, and Mumbai among others in the months to come, added the statement.

The deployment of these vehicles has been done to minimize the damage of a potential terrorist attack.

Six bullet resistant vehicles (BRVs) will soon be deployed at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport. Equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, these vehicles are currently being subjected to ballistic training in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

Private airport operators are also hopeful to procure the BRVs in the coming months.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) is also in the process of finalizing specification for airports operated by them in connection with the induction of the BRVs.

“The pattern of terrorist attack has changed world over. Lone wolf attack is now the latest trend and not hijack. You cannot minimize the damage if you don’t have a bullet proof vehicle,” said a CISF official on condition of anonymity. “A BRV will help us in neutralizing the suspect without exposing our personnel to any danger,” the official said.

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The CISF provides security to 61 of the 100 operational airports in the country

The CISF, which provides security to 61 of the 100 operational airports in the country, had asked for bulletproof vehicle at sensitive airports following which the Bureau for civil Aviation Security (BCAS) issued a notification in August 2017 asking airport operators to replace the existing Quick Reaction Team (QRT) vehicles with Bullet Resistant Vehicle (BRVs).

According to sources, nearly 15 vehicles that are currently part of QRTs and patrol squads are not quick enough to combat a terror attack. The CISF fleet currently includes Scorpio, Bolero, Sedan and Gypsy.

While Bolero and Gypsy are used for patrolling, Scorpio is mostly used as the QRT vehicle, with trained commandos deployed in it.

A CISF official said on condition of anonymity that the vehicle will not survive in the eventuality of a terror attack. Sedans are used by senior officials for travel.

The CISF had in October 2017 conducted a trial of armoured vehicle that can withstand up to 10 kg of explosive and numerous bullets but decided to go with a smaller vehicle for the QRT fleet .

QRT is the most important part of airport security

“QRT is the most important part of airport security and we have almost a dozen vehicles which are part of our QRT,” said the CISF official.

“These vehicles not only patrol outside and inside the airport but also around its periphery, which is 43 km long. Being the most sensitive installation in the country, we cannot use vehicles that are in bad condition,” the official added.

Over 4,500 CISF personnel are entrusted with the security of Delhi airport.They are deployed at terminal numbers 1, 2 and 3.

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