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Australia Got The New Gift Of Nature

Murray expressed his desire to make a documentary film on it

Australia Got The New Gift Of Nature

Australia: –  Man’s extreme greed and misconception that he considers himself to be the best has put a question mark on the existence of human life itself. When – when man finds himself compelled to stand there, the miracle of nature begins, as well as he repeatedly warns that if man does not improve his actions, then destruction is sure to happen.

From the month of September, where Australia is burning with fire every day, there is some such view of nature which can not be called less than a miracle.The beginning of new life has been seen in the burnt forests of Australia in November-December.

The entire ecosystem of about 63000 sq km of land was destroyed by burning, which is increasing day by day. In this terrible state of fire, where man has found himself compelled, new coppers have started bursting from the stems, stems and roots of the same burnt forest tree.

A photographer from Australia captured several photos of the unique makeovers of nature, which are seen by people on social media as new hope.

Based on experts, this is a sign of a return to life in the forest. According to Dr. Kimberley Simpson, a specialist in ecology at the University of Sheffield,

“These plant species have suffered frequent fires for millions of years. This fire has made them evolutionists to get ready for burning again. New germination of plants is a continuous process of life.

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These photographs were taken by a local photographer, Murray Lobe.

Which is going viral on social media. My Lobe is a resident of Kulnura located in Central Coast, New South Wales, who went to see the condition of his house in the fire in December.
He observed, “Nature (Kudrat) has started his make over work. New green leafy plants and seedlings are coming out from the stems and roots of the burnt plants.

Their color seems to be light pink. Many small plants have started growing in the ground. ”In Australia, 28 people have lost their lives so far. More than two thousand houses have been gutted.

Murray expressed his desire to make a documentary film on it: –

After retiring from the job of vehicle inspector, 71-year-old photographer Murray Loebe posted these photos on social media on Monday, which was well liked and shared on social media. They want to make a documentary on this change of nature.

People praised the photographer, thanking nature
Photographs of Murray Lobe are going viral on social media.


   One of the user wrote-

“Nature knows to do its work. This has created new hope. Soon everything will be good. “

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