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8 Core Exercises To Get Strong Abs

The core exercise provides progressively challenging exercises.

8 Core Exercises To Get Strong Abs

Everyone wants that perfect and strong Abs. Few core exercises that use bodyweight are good for your abdominal muscles and ensure you have muscular fitness that could handle any movement life throws at you.

We just don’t want to look our muscles good we also want them to work properly and you do not get at back pain. If we train our core to do it all, we have to train these muscles what their functions are so that these muscles do their work potentially.

The core exercise provides progressively challenging exercises. Below is the list of the exercises that helps you maintain your abdominal looks, Abs and its strength:


All kind of workouts uses stability balls these kinds of balls are filled with gas which are capable of work against the instability of doing the exercise. They help your abdominal muscles to move while exercising instead of thigh muscles.

Reverse Crunch with Hand Targets

Reverse crunch helps all the abdominal muscles to work. Primary movers are the abdominis rectus which helps you form the sex packs lines. Reverse crunch helps all your muscles move and it puts pressure on the lower areas.

Arm Offset Crunch

This exercise uses a stability ball which helps the activation of inner abs and keeps your positioned you on the ball.  Stability balls are better than doing exercise on the floor. You can also use a table or chair instead of a ball. This exercise helps you increase the capability to sit for a longer period of time and improve your posture.

Lateral Rolling Plank

When you will start your exercise your hands underneath your shoulders, and your body in one straight line. While doing that you should cross your correct hand toward the left as you step you forgot about a foot to one side. At that point all the while step your left hand and right foot to one side, coming back to the starting position.

Rotating Crunch with Lateral Arm Swing – 20 reps, alternating sides with arms each rep

This exercise is done by moving forward on your arms. Open your arms and while pressurizing your abs and let your shoulders go backward. Then let your pecs flex and allow your arms you go back to your same position.

Reverse Crunch with Stability Ball

Start the exercise with a sitting position and put a stability ball between your calves and squeeze it. While squeezing it places the ball back to the ground while keeping your feet above the ground and bend your knees. Inhale: Keep doing it slowly without any rest.

Hip Roll with Thread the Needle

Once you will be confident with the thread the needle. You can go for this exercise. Lift your hip away from the floor as you arrive at your hand under your middle, at that point bring down your hip back in accordance with your body as you arrive at your arm to the roof.

You can do 5-10 reps with an interval of 20-60 seconds each side’s 2-4 sets.


Plank is an exercise that works from your core. You can feel the pressure while keeping yourself up, basically, it works on your whole body. The plank strengthens your spine rhomboids and trapeziums, and your abdominal muscles which indirectly improve your posture and grow your strength.

Lie down on your stomach, use your elbow directly under your shoulder and flip your toes under your feet. Use your breath exhaling it and lift your body off the ground. Keep your spine equal to your belly.

Bicycle Kick

This is one of the exercises that help increase your strength and to get the strong Abs. This exercise targets multiple sections of your body. If you do this exercise properly it can improve transverse abdominals, internal, and external obliques.

Lay down at your back and keep pushing air with your legs one by one. You can keep your hands stick on the ground or at the back of your neck.

If you can’t do bicycle kicks then you can do bicycle crunches in your personal workout way.

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