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6 Best Natural Ways To Purify Air At Home

6 Best Natural Ways To Purify Air At Home

Did you know?

The air inside your home is actually 2 to 5 times more polluted and toxic than the air you breathe outdoors?

It’s appalling, really. We go for regular health check-ups, pop pills on a daily basis, stress over allergies, but neglect the most basic thing there is – the quality of the air we breathe 24/7. Everything from the mattresses we sleep on to our kids’ pajamas can contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Healing Touch Hospital says, “Breathing in toxic gases can cause rashes, coughing, irritation in the eyes, as well as asthma like symptoms.

Formaldehyde, a toxic gas, is found in insecticides, glues, shampoos, shaving creams, carpets and is actually a carcinogen. It is even found in cigarette smoke which is a major contributor to air pollution and can lead to potentially fatal complications, even if it’s secondhand smoke. Also, chemicals from paint, woodwork in the house or office, hair and nail products, cleaning products and detergents – all contribute to air pollution inside our homes.

It surprises me how so many potentially harmful contaminants get trapped inside our homes, and we can’t even open a window to get some fresh air!

A team of researchers led by the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom published a study on air pollution in Delhi, also known as ‘the most polluted city in the world’. According to the study, New Delhi suffers from a “toxic blend of geography, growth, poor energy sources and unfavorable weather which boosts dangerously high levels of air pollution “. And thanks to the Diwali 2016 weekend, Delhi’s air pollution is at an all time high.

On 30 and 31 October, 2016, from 9 pm to the wee hours of the next morning, North India – especially parts of Delhi – recorded PM 2.5 levels of over 500 µg/m³, exhibiting “beyond scale” pollution values, according to the database run by Berkeley Earth, an independent US research organisation.

The capital city is gasping for air, shrouded in a thick blanket of toxic smog. So we thought it fit to list natural ways to purify the air at home and your workplace, since we spend so much of our time inside the house (an average of 90%). After all, breathing in clean air should be priority

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