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5 Steps To Create A Successful Career Plan

Now comes the main task of creating your plan to follow.

5 Steps To Create A Successful Career Plan

Career is something that makes most of us burn our midnight lamps, and we’ve spent countless nights figuring out how to choose the best career path for a successful and satisfying career. I’ve always been of the opinion that career is not a destination, it’s rather a constant journey that we all embark upon. We must create a successful career plan while keeping in mind our short term as well as long term goals.

Keeping this in mind,

Here’s a list of 5 steps we all must keep in mind to have a well- executed career plan-

  1. Learn Always & Discover Your Interests-

Keep your focus always on learning something new rather than just focusing on clearing your term-ends or semesters. This is vital because books don’t remain with you forever, the knowledge and skills you gain become your lifetime pals. Also take time out to discover your interest areas so you know what keeps you always on your toes.

  1. Extensive Market Research-

Now after you’ve got to know what entices you, its time to find out what’s exactly up for grabs in the market. You must have a clear idea of how to match your strengths, interests, likes, dislikes etc with the company you’re searching for. For this, talk to your friends who’ve spent some time in the private sector, find the opportunities that arouse your interest, make a well-planned role plan, chalk down your points and only then move ahead smoothly.

  1. Identify &Fix The Loopholes-

Its never possible that whatever skills you have directly match with the company’s requirements. Various options available here are talking to experienced professionals, taking online skill development courses, joining skill enhancement classes etc.

  1. Create A Proper Career Plan-

Now comes the main task of creating your plan to follow. Carefully make a Career plan that includes all the basic requirements for you to get started at any level of the organization. Always keep in mind that your goals must be SMART

Specific- So you don’t get confused amongst many

Measurable- So your progress can be regularly tracked

Achievable- So you don’t end up burning your skills for no benefit

Realistic- Coz truth & reality is always the best way to go

Time-Bound- So you don’t achieve your goals when time has lapsed.

  1. Re-Evaluate & Improve-

No plan in this world gets created, executed & implemented to perfection as we’re not God, and some unexpected events always happen. So, give yourself time to think and have a plan B for improvement on the cards. You must evaluate and make changes in your plan wherever necessary, so you don’t end up sticking to something that’s not for you.

Now all said and done, let’s have a look at some of the tips that help

you to device the best career plan that takes you forward in the right direction-

  • Be always updated
  • Focus on your skills not what society wants
  • Be open for suggestions & criticism
  • Build a network with positive & experienced professionals
  • Learn always, as there’s no substitute for it

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No More Overthinking !

So, there’s no doubt that having a career plan if of critical importance for all. This is the time when you’ll take yourself to the next level, so plan everything accordingly and keep in mind that you are the creators of your own destiny. The choices you make decide your fate, so be realistic rather than looking to always play the blame game.


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India 2020

India 2020

Discipline Is The Key To Goal Achievement!

Discipline Is The Key To Goal Achievement!