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40 Activities To Do During COVID-19 Quarantine

If You Are Looking For Some Structure In Your Day

40 Activities To Do During COVID-19 Quarantine

If you’ve been inside for days on end amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be getting a little stir-crazy — or at the very least, feeling bored.
We have been so busy running around our busy lives doing errands that we barely noticed anything around us or gave time to ourselves readily. In short we are not great at having Free Time.

You don’t have to use this time to write the next great Indian novel;

indeed there’s a lot to worry about and do. But if you are looking for some structure in your day, here are some relaxing activities you can do at home during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Optional activities for all of you that have took a responsible in self quarantine and saving lives !

1. Exercise:Yoga/ workout/ pranayam/ pilates/ aerobics/ zumba .
2.Gardening: the plants already there or borrowing plants or stems from neighbors and planting one ( maintaining distance).
3. Bird watching / feeding / sitting on terrace or balcony enjoying sun and sunsets watching birds & nature .
4. Cooking/ learning to cook/ learning to cook new dishes/ experimenting culinary skills.
5. Household work: Washing clothes, utensiles a.k.a learning household chores .
6. Listening to music / playing instruments/ naad yog/ music therapy for soul soothing time in sunset time / meditating on sound of nature
7. Meditation/ guided meditation/ meditation on visible targets / sound / nature/ colours / yog nidra etc.
8. Create: Art work/ colour play/ paint/ draw/ craft work/ reuse/ recycle / origami/ redesign/ diy projects plenty on youtube something for everyone!
9. Network: make new friends/ work connections around the world / share experience/ thoughts / ideas/ communicate / learn cultures online.(dont go on meeting them now )
10. Read: articles, books , newspapers, novels, journals, spirituality scriptures etc but read it. An average person reading even 4-8 pages a day can complete one 200 -300 page book in month and can completely transform his life by 12 books a year.
11. Learn new language: there are apps that lets you learn new language at home for free! ( ask me if you wanna know)
12. Learn new skills you wanted to work on now that you have time like blogging, editing , ms office , typing etc.
13. Play games : from online, in room to outdoor games .
14.Relax & Netflix / Amazon prime/ binge watch series or movies on your laptop.
15.Do that self care routine: manicure , pedicure & facial & mask for your self & for your moms & dads too.
16. Reconnect with family: Play with kids you missed while at work / ppl alone in flats can video call these kids & families.
17. Me time : Go spiritual spend some time in solitude with the best company in the world “Yourself” ponder on all the thoughts that come in mind and reconnect with yourself! You can do it in room, outside in balcony or terrace but alone! This called “Me Time”. People who are already spiritual pray for everyone around the world to be safe & healthy.
18. Sleep/ rest & rejuvenate. Its believed by many researchers that many human diseases are connected to sleeping disorders & not having ample amount of sleep.
19. Revisit old memories: Watch old videos / pics & memories with family or in social media if you are away. Have fun discussing all the stories .
20. Talk to a friend: Chat vd ur neighbour from terrace or balconies like 90s/ video call them around the world.
21. Play old songs & dance vd your mom & dad those are the songs that actually are connected to memories/ listening to old songs of your college days alone.
22. Bon fire at nights with siblings / watching stars from your balcony alone
23. Clear your wadrobe/ room/ storage & remove all unnecessary clutter
24. Redecorate rooms/ gardens / terrace
25. Spending time with grandparents if you are lucky to have them and listening old people talk about family history, their 80s & 70s era. Nostalgia / video call them if you are away or alone.

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26. Photography :Improve / enhance / learn at home with cellphones, cameras.
27. Write articles/posts/ dairy/ blogs/ poetry/ story/ journals / memoirs.
28. Social Media Fasting : I call it days away from social media & gossip columns.
29. Text all your exes just in case you have one more thing you wanted to get off your chest. This activity alone can entertain you for a week.
30. Take time to reflect: What have you accomplished in the last year, month or week? What goals are you setting for yourself in the next year, month or week?
31. Go viral: Go viral in the good way by making a quarantine-themed TikTok.
32. Do your taxes
33. Sing out loud like no ones watching.
34. Dye your hair a new color. No one else needs to see it if you don’t like it
35. Indoor scavenger hunt
36. Family talent show
37. Play cards/ poker
38. Dance or learn to dance / learn new form of dance
39. Help other/ donate food ,money , masks to needy .
40. Fix all those equipment at home that need attention eg: lights, bulbs, furniture & knobs . ( sanitise & wash hands though).

There are so many ways you can make most of your time at home without being bored! during this COVID-19 So lets focus on the ample amount of gratitude that god gave us by keeping us safe till now and make most out of this time in quarantine.

What do you think?

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