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4 Reasons Why Hiring The Right Talent Is Very Important?

It Is Perfectly Ok To Wait Out Till The Right Candidate Comes Along.

4 Reasons Why Hiring The Right Talent Is Very Important?

Talent is classified into three categories –

The A’s, the B’s, and the C’s. The A’s are highly talented, self-motivated, and self-assured about their own ability to contribute to their career road map. They are quick to align their career goals with that of the organisation.

The B’s are equally good and suitable but come with a shade of insecurity, are not very proactive, and have a worker-bee mindset.

The C’s are more focused on ‘fitting-in’ and not ‘rocking the boat

4 Reasons – Hiring The Right Talent

Hiring (Hiring The Right Talent) for the organisation is a privilege, and should be treated with the responsibility it deserves. The organisation places its trust on the leader tasked with hiring, and they are ably supported by teams with specific expertise to bring an added perspective to each candidate.


  1. Good and efficient hiring (Hiring The Right Talent)steers clear of prevalent prejudices and conventional discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religion, caste, community, body type, educational background, etc.
  2. Recruiting also entails a good filtering process to weed out the unimpressive from those that would make the cut. Pitching the USP of the organisation well to the desired candidate(Hiring The Right Talent) is another hiring strategy that recruiters need to keep in mind
  3. It is perfectly ok to wait out till the right candidate comes along. In the short term, there will be some organisational challenge in terms of bandwidth and deadlines. Succumbing to the daily pressure and compromising on the hiring quality (Hiring The Right Talent)will set the business back by several notches. Cleaning up and covering up for organisational mediocrity is death by a thousand cuts.
  4. Additionally, the organisation has to deal with recruitment costs and fees, re-hire training and relocation costs, poor productivity, missed deadlines, low morale for the team, loss of customers, etc.

Apart from Hiring The Right Talent, it is also the equally important to retain the right talent and reward talented employees who bring value to the table and organization as well. A talented workforce (Hiring The Right Talent)is the backbone of every successful organisation.

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